ComiFest 2 2011 Part 2 Cosplayers

Welcome to the part 2 of my Comifest 2 coverage. As promised, this post is on the cosplayers I met that day.

Before I begin, here's a cute sign board of the rules and regulation of the event. On it, the organizer spell out of how one should conduct for the photographers and cosplayers that day.

In a event like this, you never know what will happen when every squeeze together...

Especially when one get too carry away in what he or she is doing.

Anyway, here are the ladies from Macross Frontier, Sheryl and Ranka.

Here's Eruka Frog from Soul Eater which the cosplayer is going for spooky.

If you are talking about Spooky, meet the Dead Master of Black Rock Shooter.. However in this case, Dead Master appear to be more lovely than deadly.

Here are the cosplayer from Pokemon and Assassin creed. Both of their costume were D.I.Y

There are a couple of energetic cosplayers

Some handsome character cosplayed by the opposite gender.

Then there were the adorable one like this Chobits cosplayer.

How can we forget about the Vocaloids?

More Vocaloids cosplayers

More Miku and Luka!

Some MORE Miku!

Okay allow me to show one last Miku okay? :P

There were some maid cosplayers too... Surprising there was no Maid cafe that day.

This maid carry a sign for Free hug and she was not the only one at the event that carry that sign...

Here's another

So who you want to hug? LOL

To end, here's some real stuff going on that day at the venue.

These are not cosplayers. Just regular trainee going for Tae Kwon-do training. Don't play play. LOL

More of the Comifest 2 event coverage here.


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