Some Updates of May 2011

Hello readers, friends and fellow toy lovers! I just want to take a post today to give you some updates about Open The Toy and other related stuff.

My Open the Toy facebook page
For those who are on facebook and "Like" my Open the Toy page on facebook, you may know by now I have regular sharing of my thoughts and fun links on a regular basis.

If you "liked" my page sometime back but have not notice the update on your wall, it could be the fault of the not too long ago facebook policy filtering update for you. If that's the case, here's a post (by yours truly) to show you how to change that so you can see not only my updates but the rest of your friends on facebook.

I like the interactions on the facebook page as I get to know people in a personal way (like knowing their face) and chatting with each other in the page. Since I know the reader there, I would normally give them heads up on fun stuff and also some toys I wanted to sell. As fun as the page is, it is not a replacement of this blog as the blog allow more detail (long post) of reviews and other writing like this post. 

Toy Blogger United
I have not really publicize this closed group for Toy bloggers on facebook as it is a group of just Exclusively for Toy bloggers.

This facebook page is NOT for Advertise, Selling or Publicize web traffic as you will not get many as there are only that much Toy blogger but a place for bloggers for Toys to share their experiences, questions and to get some encouragement to keep the fire for blogging going. So if you are a Toy blogger, simply send your request to join your group with your ACTIVE toy blog url for verification.

.Com Now
Maybe you guys didn't really notice but this blog is officially a .com now. I got the domain for quite sometime but I have not fully integrate it until this few weeks. I took extra steps to do the changes to be a smooth and minimum as I do not want my regular to feel the different. If you have not notice, then I have did a good job. LOL

Getting my own domain is one thing in my bucket list (yes it is something I have to do) of blogging and since I have put in quite amount of afford, why not I put a domain that belongs to me? And so I did. :)

That's so much for today update. :) On the side note, I have started reading Blackest Night from DC. :D


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