Gundam Unicorn Episode 3 Screening in Singapore

The saga continue for Gundam Unicorn episode 3 screening in Singapore.

The fever is building up and the event is getting bigger and hotter. I was impressed as I was there at the Premiere. Look at the neat formation of the goodies bags!

Look at the amount of crowd who were there queuing up to collect the goodies bag.

Like the previous screening, there are prizes for lucky draw for those who attend the premiere.

It includes limited edition giving both in collectibles...

and limited edition model kits.

The kids were eating their pop corn while waiting for the entering to the cinema

I have to say this episode there are better understanding what is "the box" and more information about ND-T mode of Gundam Unicorn. There are also couple of heroes who did the impossible but sacrifices their life for their cause on both camp. And if you must know, this time round, Gundam Unicorn get even with Sinanju. Okay I won't give any more spoilers.

After the movie has ended, everyone stay back for the lucky draw. Why not since the prizes are so attractive.

The lucky winners were so many to receive their prizes.

And this lucky winner get the grand prize! Can you recognize the model kit? :P

Although the prizes were limited, the organizers gave everyone a prize which is a 30% off any regular model just for today for the tickets holder. Everyone after the screening quickly rushed to the BHG Bugis toy department and start buying their kits.

The movie was on sale too.

The best selling model kit was none other but SD Sinanju. Within 30 minutes, it ran out of stock.

With the crowd response on Gundam Unicorn, I am pretty sure the next premiere will be bigger and greater. A big thank you for Shengtai and Bandai to make this screening possible on the same day as Japan.

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