Vintage Kenner Starwars turned Gentle Giant

The memories of the Vintage Kenner Starwars are still fresh in my mind as I owned a handful of starwars figures in my childhood. Back then one starwars figures was selling at SGD $3.00 in the toy department. I remember the price well as I was trying to save enough pocket money to get some for myself. However even when I have enough money, no adult will bring me along to the toy department and before anyone did, I would have spend my saving on other toys and candies. LOL

Anyway in the recent days, Hasbro gave Starwars figure a repackaging to the Kenner retro card design and they are not alone. Gentle Giant went on one step further to replicate not only the packaging but the toy mold itself. The only difference, instead of 3.75 inches, they made it 12 inches.

Significantly, the price of this vintage looking starwars figure formerly from Kenner is selling at USD $80 or 8,000 Yen.

It is obviously banging on the generations which used to own one of these figure to buy it for the good old times.

Since these kids have already grown up with more economical power, they can afford to pay more for this bigger figure. Right?

I don't know about you but the size and the inflation rate for 20 over years just doesn't add up. Agree?


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