Transformers Prime Toys coming

After Transformers Animated, Hasbro studio has come out with CGI animation of Transformers which mixed of the movie and animated design. It is called, Transformers Prime.

Can you identify the mixture of the movie and animated design of the Autobots?

In the whole show, there are 6 Autobots and 3 Decepticons and 4 human characters. Don't be fool by the number of cast, the story and plot is still an exciting one. I leave the show later but let's us look at the toy.

First off here's the Autobots beginning with Optimus Prime.

Retaining much of the live action movie Optimus Prime design in Transformers Prime.

Bumblebee design following much of the live action movie with a slight changes in the vehicle design and robot mode. Bumblebee in this series only speak bi-bi digital sound. Surprisingly, one of his human friend understand what he was talking about.

Acree. The robot design is fantastic and if you do not agree so, I assure the design and character will grow on you for her sensitive side. Nonetheless, she is one strong and brave lady.

No news on Bulkhead and Ratchet toy yet.

On the Con side, Megatron retain his helmet and huge armored design. Given sharp teeth and wicked glowing eyes, Megatron give you a chill.

Starscream in robot mode get much of his feature change which is way better than the movie version in my opinion as he is slimmer. Beside the design changes, his character remain the same as a coward, cunning and ambitious deception.

The story of Transformers Prime is a simple and rather forward ones. Here's one of the episode found on youtube.

Are you into Transformers Prime now?


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