Tonka Chuck & Friends Car Carrier with Hot Rod

If you are wondering why all of the sudden I blog about this children toy, let me assure you that this is not my toy but my son's. It was a gift from an auntie of my son and this happen to be one of his favorite for now. As I open the gift for him, I find this toy is really interesting and so blog about this.

At first, I thought these was one of the spin off from Disney movie "Cars" but apparently, it was not.

Tonka Chuck & Friends was one of the toy line from Hasbro designed for kids above 1 year of age.

The cars are made with light and soft plastic but very durable for fall or being throw around.

Meet Car Carrier and Hot Rod out of the packaging.

Hot Rod seems like a hot car with his color and fiery decals. However he has pink teeth which spoil the overall look in my opinion.

Car Carrier trailer can be detached from Car Carrier

It can easily re-attached the Trailer to the Car Carrier. It's a snap and it should be since it is design for kids over 12 months old.

Don't you think they really look like Disney's Cars movie? Sorry I couldn't get over this point for the similarity.  LOL

Both of the toys look and feel great for kids and the plus point, they are official safe for kids.

Oh did I mention that they roll smoothly on wheels? My son  and I are loving this toy playing with it. LOL


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