S.H.Figuarts Doraemon & Nobita Nobi

At the Japan Sapporo Snow Festival, Bandai has showcase prototype of Doraemon and Nobita 野比のび太 in S.H.Figuarts line.

No official release date was given but this get me excited. Nobita has a detail showcase while Doraemon stood back.

I am keeping my finger cross and hope that two figures will pull through to official release as I remember there were Dragonball S.H.Figuarts showcase last year but to date no news of the release. Chances are Bandai pull out due to the poor response. It's a pity for Dragonball as just when I felt finally Bandai did justice to Dragonball figure... I hope Doraemon and Dragonball will continue in S.H.Figuarts line...


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