Dino T.Rex ROAR!

ROAR!! I am going to review this fun and good looking Dino toy which I bought for my kid during our visit to Universal Studio Singapore.

Over at the Jurassic Park theme shop, there were many colors of these same toy but I felt this is the best looking. My son instantly love this toy when I showed him the jaw snapping action. So I have to buy it. LOL
Regardless of it's big head, this toy can balance well on any flat surface and it's light!

You can trigger the snapping action by pulling the trigger on his body. It will close it mouth and make a snapping sound. Upon release of the trigger, the mouth will spring back to open position.

If you need really need to know which kind of dinosaur is this, the answer can be found on his lower jaw. Tyrannosaurus and the toy was made in China.

In some old movies, it was often portray that human was offered as a sacrifice to the dino beast as a token for their own protection to the "god"  or the beast. I try to relive the scene with my Lego Hula girl.

Here's come the human sacrifice...


Yummy. Seems like he is asking for more. :P

Putting him to face off Godzilla seems to steer him toward more aggressiveness. This could be an epic battle.

On the other hand, putting him facing off with Grimlock the Dinobots will be another subject totally even though both are Tyrannosaurus "related"...

PS: This review is done when my son is asleep as only then can I take this toy away from him to review.

What to do, it's a fun toy. Don't you think so? Snap Snap!


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