ANA HG Gundam Unicorn in March and April 2011

ANA Skyproject will be releasing a ANA color theme on HG Gundam Unicorn from March to April 2011.

Just like the previous ANA Gundam promotion, this HG grade will be only for domestic flight within Japan for 5000 Yen during March to April 2011. This mean you can only order on the flight during that period.

If you know Japanese, you can read more about it at ANA website.

It is quite hard for me to get this as it is only open to domestic flight. If this ever come out in international flight from ANA, then it should be the Mega Grade 1/48. However there was no such size of Gundam Unicorn till date.

Personally I felt this color theme Unicorn is way better than the green one. I guess because I love white and blue. Anyway a bitter sweet news for me then...


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