Mcdonald Miniature Collectibles

I visited mcdonald again for breakfast over the weekend at I was surprise to see some miniature of mcdonald product on the counter.

Since it was over at the counter, I can touch it and I tried giving it a squeeze to see if the burger is soft and give out a squeaking sound but no... there are hard plastic.

Two miniatures will be on sale each week. The first set of Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a Fries.

Total there will be 6 Mcdonald Miniatures as a set. If you can't wait for all 3 weeks, you can get the limited boxset for SGD $25.

The boxset come with clear plastic carrier with paper box inside holding the 6 miniatures.

If you want to wait and collect them all, it will be SGD$15 for all 6. Now you weight the worth to get the limited boxset that come with box or wait and get every week. The choice is yours.

The set will consist of Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Fries, Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, Apple pie and a hot cuppa McCafe Premium Roast Coffee.

On the ground level, many found that SGD$25 for the boxset is on the high side. For 12 inches figure collector who is thinking of getting this set to use as a toy for your toys, you may find the scale of this miniature is too big for your 12 inches figures. Unless you consider that as a Up-size. On a personal point of view, these miniatures on the whole is good at details but rather big for hanging on mobile phone. If only it is smaller and the limited boxset is cheaper...

Anyway for Mcdonalds fan, this could still be a good collectible set for you!


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