Care Bears Share-A-Bear

In the last STGCC 2010, I remember seeing the Care Bears on preview and finally now the toys are on sale!

Care Bears was one of the cartoon I came across in the 1980s. Many felt Care Bears are more like a girl thingy but personally I find them cute. It is not surprising there are still around today as one of the icon in the 1980s to survive and keep their relevancy as a toy to all ages.

Now you can buy this little Care Bears figure to give to your friends or love ones to show them you care. You can write your messages at the back or any part of the bear.

The Care Bear itself has a strap which you can attach it with your keys or even mobile phone. Practical! There are 34 designs to choose from and each bears has it own meaning.

The packaging is a colorful box showing the full glory of the figure in side the box.

While the back of the box printed the short description of the Care Bears.

There are total 34 Care Bears to choose from. Each has it's own meaning and characteristic.
You can read all 34 bio of the Care Bears here, here and here.

The best part is that these Care Bears are affordable.

There are on sales now at Play Imaginative and other outlets. Do you like Care Bears? If you do, which is your favourite? Guess which one is my favorite Care bears? Hehehe


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