2011 Resolutions

Before I share my 2011 resolution for this blog, I think it is a good thing to check if I have hit some of my 2010 resolutions.

Being a new father in 2010, I was glad to find some time from work and family to cover some events, doing toy reviews, giving interviews and work with various sponsors. My statics shows that I have over 100K unique visitors for the whole of 2010 and over 600 who like my page in facebook.

A big Thank You for all of my readers of this blog.

For 2011, I will be going through some changes in my day job (yes I am not a full time blogger and to work to feed my family) which will be more challenging in term of time management between work and my family. Nevertheless, I will be still writing for this blog out of the remaining time that I have.

Here are some areas I plan to focus.

Reviews & Interviews
Reviews is still my main focus on Toys, Games or anything fun. I will be sharing my views of some toys new and old, sponsored or own collection with my honest opinion.

With the good responses for the past interviews, I will carry on the tradition to introduce interesting people in Toy and gaming industry to know them better in the exclusive interview (as long as they willing to accept). :D

Events, Campaign and Sponsorship
As much as my time permits, I will still continue to cover events going on in Singapore and other parts of the world if there are people willing to share. If you have a event, product or campaign that is related to the topics here, feel free to contact me.I will be looking for more collaboration with different media and industries.

Own product line?
It's always my wildest dream to have my own product line and this year I plan to put my leg down and take some action toward this goal. That means you will get to see OTTi and the rest of his gang. For this, I need much of your feedback in time to come and lot of support. I will share more later on this. *Crossing my fingers

As for numbers related stuff like readers, traffic, status and all that stuff, I will just leave it open. My goal in short is to write something fun and interesting things that I would enjoy to share. Most importantly, another good excuse for me to get more toys and play with it. Yes I still play with toys...sometime with my kid. :P

So that's my resolutions. Simple?


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