31 January 2011

Lego Minifigures Series 3: Hula Dancer

As I was at Toy"R"us counter making some payments, I saw Lego Minifigures Series 3 on sales. All the while I read about these at another toy collector, Mario "A year of Toy" blog and I am aware of what was going on. Since I was there, I picked up 2 of the blind packets to see what I got.

There are a few tips to go for blind packets and you should do some homework before trying. One way was to look at the bar code which suppose to be different from one packet to another but apparently in series 3 this doesn't work.

So next we have to go to the ancient way like the Jedi to "Stretch out your feelings" with your fingers and with that information guess what it is. These require lot of homework and experience to know the accessories the figure come in. This only work with blind packets and not boxes. For me, I didn't use any of that because I am fine with anything one of it as I do not have any yet. :)

The 16 figures in this series are as follows:

Tennis Player, Hula Dancer, Space Alien, Samurai Warrior, Sumo Wrestler, Rapper, Fisherman, Tribal Chief, Snowboarder, Elf, Race Car Driver, Pilot, Baseball Player, Mummy, Space Villain and Gorilla Suit Guy.

And if you have any of them, you can mix around their accessories.

From the first Packet, I got the Hula Dancer. Say Halloha!

she came with 2 shakers, long wavy hair and a green grass skirt.

I will review the other one on another post but anyone want to guess what I got for the my second packet just for fun?

30 January 2011

Nerf Sonic Series hit Singapore

I was over at Toys "R" Us yesterday and I check out the Sonic Series for the first time myself. If you are wondering what "Sonic Series" is all about, it is the re-launched N-Strike blasters in clear green plastic and they are exclusive at Toys "R" Us.

It is really cool! I can only manage to see catch Maverick as the rest was no where in sight. I can imagine they were all sold out? I won't be surprise. Just look at it yourself.

Among the Nerf series, I always love the design on Maverick and seeing it in clear lime green add a stronger pulling force to get it even I had the clear version.

Apparently it is one of the item for Chinese New Year promotion and the price is reasonable. It was just a  few more buck more than a regular Maverick.

The Sonic Series include Vulcan EBF-25, Deploy CS-6, Nite Finder EX-3, Maverick REV-6 and Recon CS-6

You can go here to read more about the Nerf Sonic Series.

As for me, I put a hold on this as I have to set aside my finances for Chinese New year to give Ang bao (red packets) to my my child, nephews and nieces... Unless someone like Hasbro want to sponsor me. In that case, please contact me! :D

28 January 2011

Sinanju Kick Vs Rider Kick

After watching Gundam Unicorn Episode 2, The Red Comet, I can't shake out the kick that Sinanju did to the amateur Unicorn. Somehow that kick made a impact to everyone who watch the movie.

If there is another kick that is as impactful, it would be the kamen Rider or some know them as Masked rider which is their finishing move.

I was wondering if Sinanju and Kamen Rider meet each other, who's kick is more powerful?

So I will let the fan the vote. Please cast in your vote as comment or put it on my facebook page comment too. This should be fun.

Sinanju Kick or Rider Kick?!

27 January 2011

Bandai Thundercats Toys coming

It is not really a new news but many like me are waiting for the new ThunderCats cartoon to roll out this year! This time, the ThunderCats look more anime as ever. I still like the old design though as they look ahead of their time back then which still look great today. Anyway here's how the new ThunderCats look like.

As there will be cartoons, so there will be toys! At the London Toy Fair, Bandai showcase their new ThunderCats toys and the photo get to the internet. I was very excited to see the toys!

The toys include the Sword of Omens (I WANT!), some 3 3/4-inch action figures (thunderCats and their trustworthy vehicle that they didn't (thank God) change much of the old design as far as I can see. I was informed that there will be 8-inch toyline which retain the old design for the ThunderCats. Another good reason to say, ThunderCats...HO!!!!

Meanwhile you can join the Thundercats Toy page for more updates of Thundercats toys on facebook. :)

26 January 2011

Metro Man Mcdonald Happy Meal Toy

Every city need a Hero and in the Metro City in Megamind movie, Metro man is that hero. Dressed in white and neat hair cut, Metroman representing everything thing that is good and justice with his well built figure.

Metro Man stood out from the rest of the Megamind Happy meal toys as he is clean and white. The package stated the action it can be done on this figure.

The toy itself comes with some Megamind stickers.

The figure do look nice but the switch at the back which kinda spoil the look of the toy.

It was none other but the back switch that was sticking out.

The design allow any kids to control the action of Metro Man punches from side to side by the thumb or finger.

Now let's talk about the detail. First we need to take a look at the movie version of Metro man.

With the above picture let's look at the face of Metro Man toy. Something isn't right? Yes the look of the face doesn't seems to be resemble the movie version...

The M look great on TV and the toy version isn't that bad either...

Looking at this Metro man from Mcdonald with the letter M let me think otherwise. LOL

What else M is for?

24 January 2011

DeluxeTomahawk Autobot Review (Hunt of the Decepticons)

In the world of Transformers, only a handful of Autobots rule the sky, what more it has to be good looking Autobot? Tomahawk is one of them.

As a selective collector for Transformers, I will first go for the vehicle mode if it is appealing to me. Second would be the look when it is in robot mode and finally the price factor. In the case of Tomahawk, it exceeded all these 3 points! I got it for half of the price as he was on offer.

Time to Open the Toy!

Franky, I don't remember Tomahawk in Generation one transformers but the design and the color of the armor Helicopter already won me over. Tomahawk only have 2 missiles as accessories which will be great for kids but not me.

I am glad they do away those metal wire binders and use paper ropes now. Easy to throw away and friendly for the environments for recycling.

Tomahawk look great as the helicopter fully loaded and armed ready to take on the Decepticons.

The design of the helicopter look fast and modern in some ways.

In vehicle form design instantly remind me of Transformers Animated Leadersize Megatron as they are both similar in design in some ways.

As a toy, you can insert the missiles in the missile launcher.

Press the cache and the missile will just fire off due to the spring mechanism. For vehicle mode, I give it 4.5 stars upon 5!

Time to transform to robot mode!

The transformation to Robot mode is pretty tricky for beginners but it is well worth the transformation.

Here's how the hands was transform.

In robot mode, Tomahawk is good and youthful looking.

Personally I love his head.

In robot mode, the tail of the helicopter turned into a weapon. Snipe Snipe!

Tomahawk is good looking as he is deadly.

If the Vehicle and Robot mode have not attract you enough, here is the hidden Easter egg. Since this Autobot can transform as Flight vehicle and Robot, I was wondering if he can do half of each like Macross and this figure offer that!

Some how this remind me of Mech warrior too!

Transformers Tomahawk is a fun toy which offer great features! I am glad to have him on discount! :D

Is Tomahawk your cup of tea?

22 January 2011

Interview with XL-Shop, Toy Store Owner

Today I have a pleasure to interview a toy shop owner in Malaysia who have been running toy business for 15 over years. XL-Shop not only have 4 shops covering different parts of Malaysia but a strong online presence. Beside doing toy business, it has a blog, forum and even his own comics! How cool is that?

Personally I have been enjoying XL comics which lead me to interview with the owner Rodney aka 小龙.

Your shop 小龙商号 has been around for 15 years to date. How did you start your shop? Is it a family business?
In the early 1990s I was an editor in a comics magazine company, and my pen name for my magazine column was 小龙商号.

At that time the toy scene was underdeveloped and many products could only be found overseas and in imported magazines. The 小龙 column sought to bridge such a gap between the local toy scene and the overseas, more developed scene.

Everyone hoped that one day, the column could change into a reality to become a shop, so that there is an outlet for the overseas toys to be sold and enjoyed by all. With everyone's blessings, the first shop was established in 1995.

When and what get you started into having a Toy business?
At the beginning we did not retail many toys. Majority (90%) of our stocks was family electronic games. However I am an avid toy collector, so eventually i managed to establish connections to Japan's toys and moved from electronic games to collector toys.

You have currently 4 location of your shops all over Malaysia and you accept international orders. Which is your biggest customer base? Malaysia or overseas?
It is probably Malaysia. As there is not much investment of resources in the website, I suppose that there is still a lot of improvement awaiting (laughs).

Which shop is your flagship shop and the one you personally there?
I do not know which one is truly the flagship store. However I spent most of my time at the Ampang H.Q.

How do you keep your workforce alive with some many store outlet?
I believe that it is team work and good communication, even though there may be occasional disputes. however, i believe that if everyone is committed to the common objective of great toys, any differences can be resolved.

Your first comic started on Jun 2008. How did you move into comic? Was that a team effort?
I spent many years dabbling in comics, as a comics editor, and I got to know many comic artists. At the shop's 13th anniversary, I decided to use comics as a vehicle to share with everyone my thoughts and my conception of the Uncle Loong story.

Who is the artist of your comic? How did you guys get those ideas from?
Mainly Michael Chuah creates the concepts and ideas. We meet once or twice monthly to discuss, and I will share with him incidents that happened in the shop to give him some ideas. Other times I get ideas out of the blue when I am at home, showering or answering nature's call! Then I will phone Michael to tell him about it.

I am safe to assume that some of the comic theme are real life experiences of toy collectors such as wives who are not happy with their husband purchases?
Certainly. That is what we have personally seen or heard, isn't it?

Are those characters of your comic link to any real person in real life?
Yes, some characters are projections of real life customers! But of course I did not use their real names.

You have a XL-team in your forum, how big is your team?
Between 10-20, including the moderator. The team mostly comprises of friends and regular customers. To be honest, i would not label it as a team!

Having your own toy business does it lower your passion for toys as a collector?
Indeed! I do feel that way. A good analogy would be a King in the ancient times, with thousands of wives but without an opportunity to really understand all of them.

On your personal note, which is your most favorite toy?
I am rather fickle, and I like a variety of toys. I like all toys below 12 inches, so long as they are pretty! Can't really identify one which is my favorite, but i guess the vinyl toys by Micheal Lau and Eric So rank quite high in my list.

Is there a toy that you hated most?
Hate is a very strong expression that i would rather not use, but there is no specific toy that i dislike.

Do you have any other future plan for your Toy business?
I have never thought too far in terms of toy business plans (Ha ha ha ha ha). On the other hand, I do often consider how to further the "小龙商号" business if I decide to step down.

Thank you for having this interview with us.

21 January 2011

The Plush Team in Candyland

Interesting things are happening in the circle of Plushes.

The Plush Team, an international group of plush artists who create unique dolls, toys, soft sculpture and all manner of soft creations. Together for the first time in a gallery setting, The Plush Team in Candyland show will feature sewn, knitted, and crocheted tasty confection creations.

Plush team in Candyland will be on from 21 January to 20 March 2011 at Hot*Pop Gallery, 213 N Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202-5839, United States.

Here are some of the works that will be there.

Pop by if you are interested.

20 January 2011

Did anyone missed Atari?

Many today know Atari as a gaming company and he/she is right. But back in the late 1970s and early 1980s when you mention Atari, people will remember this game console. Back then wooden design was in.

I was counted as one of the fortunate kid that have a well-to-do cousin who owned this console back in those days. On that few occasion when I was visiting, I played the games such as Pac-man, Pong and Space invaders. I was so excited as the game was exactly the same as those in the arcade then.

The one thing that stand out is the Joystick. It was one of the kind.

On my recent visit in the toy department, I saw the same joystick. Fascinated, I approached and examine the box. True enough, it was Atari!

The new console is integrated the Atari system in the Joystick and all you got to do is just to plug into the TV and start playing

The game in the console includes Centipede, Gravitor, Missile Command, Adventure, Cirus Atari, Pong, Asteroids, Breakout and much more!

It was the days when simple graphic and fun game play. Given the price tag of SGD $39.90, do you think it will be a hot seller for the older generation to relive their childhood or these games are too simply for you?

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