30 November 2010

Apple lovers will digg this

Some said Apple is a successful brand but many would agree the real branding is the co-founder of Apple computer, Steve Job. So it wasn't a surprise if Steve Job toy would be a sell out for Apple supporter especially one that really have the very likeness of Steve himself.

I found this Steve Job figurine introducing iPhone over at Made in China website. A closer look at the likeness.

If you are a Apple fan, you will know Steve always goes by his signature black turtle neck shirt, blue jean and sneakers. This figure comes with a Apple icon as a base.

The wonderful thing about this display figure, is that it allow you to put caption like some of his famous quote during his iPhone presentation.

You can customize the wording with anything you like or Steve's famous phases.

* Yes one more thing is one phase he like to say.

But most of all, Steve's did made this bold comment on Android users which is offensive to some.

I am pretty sure that statement gets many to get a Android. LOL

If you like this figure, you can head over to the website. I have to say as much as the figurine is nice, it is quite pricey. However knowing Apple supporters, they go for anything. Then again this is not official Apple product.

Updates: The website that selling the figure is canceled.

Disclaimer: This blog is not related with the website selling this toy. Just find it is interesting to share.

29 November 2010


This is no ordinary Stormtroopers toy. This is Super7 Stormtroopers.

This is a product of combining the vintage Star Wars with Japanese Super Robots. Created utilizing the techniques of the Japanese toy manufacturers in the 1970s, the SUPER SHOGUN is constructed from durable, blow-molded polyethylene with a painted vinyl helmet.

If you think the blaster does not look deadly, wait till you see his Rocket Punch firing fist!

This STORMTROOPER has wheels on this feet and 24 inches tall. Here's the size comparison with the vintage stormtroopers.

Here's the official website of the toy.

One of my blogging buddy, Chunky over at eclectorama even did a chart for his goal to get this Stormtrooper. Is that hot or what?

27 November 2010

Michael Jackson The Experience on Wii

One of the game I am waiting for!

This game would be great Christmas gift to me! Just look at the Thriller trailer!

If you are MJ fan, you will recognized the numbers in the game in this trailer which is a snapshot of what is in the game.

Check out the move with Wii motion with the movement at the side.

Expect this game to be on portable console such as NintendoDS and PSP too!

I am so digging this game! Anyone want to get this for Christmas?

Dibo the gift Dragon Toys

Ever since my last post on Dibo the Gift Dragon animation on Disney channel, I went for a quest to look for the toys for my son. After months of asking around, finally my quest was over.

Dibo the gift dragon is one my son favorite cartoons on Disney channel. I was glad to discover the toys at our local retail Kiddy palace over the weekend. I spotted Cro from a distant actually.

as I drew closer, I found Elo

and finally Bunnie.

Annie and Dibo were nowhere in sight. Refusing to give up, I asked for the help of the staff and they managed to dig out a Dibo for me. My son was happy and double that for me.

Dibo was around 12 inches in height. The plush toys maker a did great job of the consistency of the character in the animation.

The skin were soft and felt cozy to touch. You expect nothing less since Dibo was from Cozy land. LOL

Here's a close up on Dibo giving a sincere and friendly smile.

The little wings look cute too although I do not know how they are powerful to lift Dibo on flight.

Now I know some of you may concern if this is a actual original toy. From the tag on the toy, I can be certain this is a original license product.

The toy was made in China but distributed by Peilcan Publishing Sdn Bhd from Malaysia.

If you have watched the show before, you will know Dibo get his name by being a gift dragon from his tummy whenever someone wanted to make a wish.

To make a wish, he/she need to say, "Di Di, Bo Di, Dibo Dibo Di!" follow by saying out their wishes. The letter D on the zip will go ring and Dibo would unzip his tummy.

Out of it will come a gift to the wisher. I was glad that this plush did actually do what Dibo does in the show!

My son is loving this toy and as a Father, I am glad that I found this Dibo for my son.

Do you like Dibo the Gift Dragon too?

26 November 2010

We turn 2 today

Open the Toy has official turn 2 years old today! *Applause!

What can I say but a big thank you for all my readers and the fans who like this blog on my facebook. It has been a wonderful second year and a challenging year to me as I  took on a new role as a father balancing between family, work (day job) and blogging about toys, games and anything fun.

This year there are some toy related blogger whom I know gave up their blog. A handful of my toy friends also kind slowing down due to changes in lifestyle. It was discouraging to me and during those time, I gave some serious thinking about blogging and balancing the demands of life.

On a personal level, my first attention was given to my family, pretty much to my son. As he is still less than a year old, we stay home most of the time. I don't really get out much to attend events and toy shopping as often as I would. Even if I could, it can only be that couple of hours as my wife and I took turns to take care of our son. I am not complaining as I do enjoy my time with my family especially my son. You may asked why we didn't hire a  maid or to be political correct, domestic helper to help? The reason have to do with why in the first place we want to have our own kid. We believe in keeping the family close which mean as parents, we take care of our child personally for bonding.

Enough of my personal life, let's talk about this blog.

This second year has been a good year as I get to work with various events and projects. I get to cover more events officially and more people following this blog. As the year is coming to an end, there are only a couple of fun things I am looking forward to such as Toy Carnival and STGCC 2010.

I am thankful not only to my readers but the sponsors as well. Without their generosity, there will not be having giveaway for this blog such as Monopoly, Gundam Unicorn screening and the recent Project Singa. However these giveaway seems to paint a picture that this blog is a blog giving away free stuff. On some occasion I have "reader" who request to be given something which my blog was not even affiliated nor mentioned. I was totally dumb struck by such "request". I felt the need to clarify that out of good will of the sponsors, giveaway item were willingly offered to me and allowing me to conduct the giveaway on this blog. I did not go around demanding my sponsors for gifts to given away to my readers. But when they offer, I have no reason to refuse too. In the same manner, I hope my readers will understand and not to make request on something I am not giving. It is not funny but rude.

The last year anniversary, I made a game. Due to the shortage of time that I have, I can only offer my sincere gratitude to the supporters of this blog. Because of your comments, feedback and supports, it kept me blogging. It is fun writing something fun and introducing new and unique toys to my readers from around the world. So please keep an open mind on Fun when you are reading this blog.

Thank you everyone for your support. :)

25 November 2010

Toss those Angry Birds

If you are a owner of a smart phone or iPhone, the game Angry Birds will be familiar to you. It is one hot titles in mobile gaming to kill your boredom and frustrations.

Angry Birds was a creation by Espoo, Finland-based Rovio Mobile Ltd. The objective of the game is to control and help angry birds to take seek revenge on the Green pigs which steal their eggs. Using touch screen technology, you can control the speed and the height of the projectile hitting targets to crush the pigs.

No worry about Angry birds, they are prepared to die for this cause so to say. LOL For those who still have no idea of the game play can see the demo here.

Since the game was so popular, the official is pushing out Angry Birds plush toys for the holidays. They will be coming in the size of 8" and with a price tag of US $14.99 each excluding shipping.

If you asked me, it is a good idea as now you can throw the angry birds around anyhow you like. You can squeeze it too! Note that this version comes with thick furs.

Watch out if you are getting the Angry Birds Plush as there are a number of none original merchandises that making Angry birds.

Buy the original Angry Birds from the original website!

24 November 2010

SpongeBob SquarePants Trexi

For Trexi and SpongeBob Squarepants lovers, this is one exclusive toys you can look forward to at the coming  STGCC 2010 by PLAY IMAGINATIVE.

This is a 3 inches figure with 4 expressions of SpongeBob of all direction.

With articulation of hands, legs and neck. This is one cute SpongBob Trexi and a successful crossover if you ask me.

This exclusive only have 1000 for the event! So remember to catch it at PLAY IMAGINATIVE booth at STGCC 2010.

Anyone getting this?

Update: Here's my review of this toy

23 November 2010

Bleach Gashapon Keychain

Today I am going to share two of my Bleach keychain from a Gashapon series sometime ago.

The gashapon series is from this series.

I went for two tries and I was lucky to get Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki.

I like this SD version of Rukia. Due to the big head and small feet, this figure cannot stand on it's own but it does not matter as it was designed to be a key chain so it is not expected to stand on desk. With a little help of blue tagg, I enable for Rukia to stand for this photo shoot.

They imprinted the product trademarks on the back of Rukia since there were so much space.

This version of Rukia came with her Bankai Shikai zanpakutō, Sode no Shirayuki. As the figure, the sword look really cute.

Next we move the spot light back to Ichigo. The version of Ichigo is in his Bankai mode.

His zanpakutō, Tensa Zangetsu. A longer and cooler looking sword than Rukia to my personal liking.

His hairstyle look cute at the back view. A typical Duran head (spiky hair) if you asked me. You will get the idea if his hair is green instead of orange.

Since the hair are spiky, they can't imprint the trademark marking at the back of his head like their did to Rukia. So they move the trademark at the soles of Ichigo's feet.

Overall I really like these two keychains. It is one of those bleach merchandise that push me to get when I saw them.

Ain't they a lovely couple?

However they are still not together in the Manga or Anime. I guess it had to do with various support from the readers as some are for them while some are against them to be together. So basically the readers are taken for a ride again.

21 November 2010

RG 1/144 MS-06S Zaku II Review

Ever since the completion of building of my RG RX78-2 Gundam, I had eagerly waiting for Zaku in Real Grade and I was glad to try on one.

If the last thing I learned about assembling a RG model kit, I would know it has a detail close to MG but have the size in HG. Allow me to show you the details of RG Char's Zaku. I will start with the feet. Just one feet and notice the number of parts?

Now imagine the parts that formed the legs.

Leg completed to joint with the feet...

There is still a connector tube that need to be inserted at the leg. But first we have to set it up.

Initially I thought that is just a plastic tube but it turn out to be a mini spring!

Next you just have to connect them from the leg to the feet

That will roughly show you how much details and time it takes to complete one.
Next we move on to these weapons.

Here are something I like Zaku weapons. First is the design of the weapon which has a shoulder rest for better weapon that fit every nicely against the Zaku's chest.

Speaking of chest, RG Zaku chest can be open to revile the pilot cockpit. Too bad the standing Char can't fit inside.

You can put the spare ammo of the gun at the back of Zaku.

At his back, you can fit in the Bazooka too.

What is this review without comparing with the first series of the Real Grade, RX78-2 Gundam? So here come Rx78-2.

In comparison, Zaku is more beef up than Gundam.

For close range melee, Zaku will be using an axe.

The special point of this Real grade series is the elbows had the ability to bend the arms all the way back.

The same thing apply to the knee joint as well.

Last but not least, it can achieve all this requirement with a great sense of balance. Is that awesome or what?

On the whole, I enjoyed the process to put up this kit even though it has many parts. Personally I felt this kit is easier and have firmer joints than the previous series of real grade. Or maybe because I am getting use it and knowing what to expect.

This kit will be official release on 25 November 2010, so look out for it!

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