31 August 2010

Gundam Fiesta LIVE Stream

I will be attending Singapore Gundam Fiesta Private Preview and to be mindful of my readers who cannot make it to Singapore for that event, I plan to do a LIVE broadcast using my mobile phone for all to see LIVE. I will be doing a broadcast from 11am Singapore Timing to 1115am or so. You can tune in at here on Ustream during the timing.

Please give an grace as I may not know how the event will be like. Basically I will walk through the event area showing the exhibition and I may talk at the background.

As I am doing this LIVE, please do not expect quality video pictures or good narration. I am not a PRO host or a production house but a Gundam fan in Singapore who want to share this joy of the event to the rest of the world. So I may need your understanding if some of the things capture are not up to your standard.

Worry not as I will be doing a report post on this blog and Facebook page for the event later in the day post. For those of us who are in Singapore, you can drop by the event at Compass point from 1 Sept to 13 Sept 2010 to see for yourself.

You may leave comment to support and spread the word around with other Gundam Fans if you want.

Ultra Musical Sept Calendar 2010

This is Ultraman in his High School Rock Musical! My UltraAct Ultraman playing his guitar like Slash! Well that was one of my dreams to be able to play to that standard but laziness have the best of me. So today it still kinda remain a dream.T_T

I saved this great shots for this calender by the way.

Choices of resolution for this calendar wallpaper:
1024x768 | 1280x800 | 1680x1050

It kinda funny as I look back the things and people I wanted to be sometime. Then again that's youth! Everything is possible. Do you have these type of dreams too?

If you enjoy these calendar wallpaper do let me know. I need your feedback.

P.S: If you are wondering who's guitar it was, that belong to Bunny Haru from Revoltech which I have not have the time to do a proper review. :P Soon Soon. 

30 August 2010

Buzz Lightyear Toy Story Revoltech Review

"Buzz Lightyear to Star Command, come in Star Command...."

Since I got Woody, it will make prefect sense to get Buzz Lightyears from Revoltech as well. So here he is!

Like Woody, Buzz have the same packaging but with different content.

Since I got it as a Pre-order, I got Buzz 3D fan as well.

Buzz is a toy with lots of Sci-fi gadgets and it make sense Buzz to be in the Sci-Fi series of Revoltech. One of the gadget was his space ranger helmet which can be on or off.

As we all know, Buzz is a Space Ranger

Say hello Buzz!

In the movie, Buzz come with some button that will play some of his line as a toy. However Revoltech do not have this function.

The only offensive weapon that Buzz have is the laser gun but again Revoltech did not add that in on this toy.

Like Woody, Buzz have a signature of Andy on his feet.

For Buzz's Jet pack, it has good details. However if you want to have the wings to open up, you have to manually detach some part and attach some parts.

Although in the movie we see this Buzz press his button

and off the wing spread but this do not happen in Revoltech. You got to D.I.Y. :) No LEDs lighting on the wing too.

Other accessories include 3 little green plastic Soldiers. Here's a close up on the leader.

and the soldiers in action...

Honestly I do not know the connection of these plastic soldier with Buzz...Anyone can remember if they ever work together or something like that in the movie?

The review is not complete with Woody and Buzz together from the same Revoltech series

Point to note, Buzz for this series is much shorter than Woody which is NOT the way it is in the movie.

Beside the above complains, Buzz is still true to Toy Story. Any thing I left out?

29 August 2010

STGCC 2010 Tickets on Sale Now!

STGCC 2010 from 10 to 12 December 2010 at Suntec Singapore Mall is on Sale now!

Here are for the Early Bird Price:
1 Day Pass S$10.00
3 Day Pass S$20.00
*price excludes booking fee

First 2,000 tickets for STGCC 2010 up for sale. Buy your tickets before 30
September 2010, and stand a chance to win an iPad. Up to 3 iPads to be won!

Personally I don't mind paying for the ticket as long as they are quality content and that would minus off group of people away giving more space for fans to look around. For me I got a 3 day pass as it is quite worth it.

More details and purchase of the STGCC Tickets here.

28 August 2010

I want Gundam Movie Screening!

In March this year, I was blessed to be able to watch Gundam Unicorn episode one on the big screen. It was all possible because of the organizer of Shengtai and Bandai South Asia. It is totally another experience to be able to watch it on the big screen with a group of Gundam fans eating popcorns and feeling the 5.1 audio effect. Because of that experience, I am craving for more screening. However I am not sure if that is going to happen again.

*Did you spotted something special here? Kero?

I remember when I blog about the screening, I heard two type of responses. One from other countries that expresses how they were jealousy that in Singapore to have organizers (merchants) to make it possible for the fans. While at the other end of the spectrum, the unappreciative ones that said something like "Why must I spend money to buy the products to get to see the screening while I can see it online for first hand for FREE?"

It is really disheartening to hear that kind of response isn't it? Well if you don't, at least I do.

How often do you see Gundam Anime showing on the big screen like Japan did?
Do you think organizing such event take a lot of effort? Some of the effort could getting Japan side to agree to release the Anime oversea for this special event during that period which may already need to go through a lot of approval. That is just one part, we still have to have a license over our end to screen in the theater.

What about booking of the cinema and getting the man power that day to do the ground work such as putting up of poster, allocating the seats to the ticket owners and other logistic stuff in that short 4 hours? Given on top of that, preparing the goodies pack as bonus? For all that, the organizers only put on a rule for fans to buy their original product at a certain price to get the ticket. Is that a fair to ask for since the product even without the movie are selling at those pricing? Some of the items during that period are on discount too!

At this point you may think I am siding the merchants but without the merchants, who do you think be the first to pay the price upfront for such event not mentioning having the rights?

Some goes as far as demand to have a same day screening as in Japan. These movie are only Legal to release in Japan only and if the source can be given on the same day outside Japan, don't you think something is not right? Even if that is possible, I doubt those "fans" will actually pay the price for that.

With all these odds, unless Gundam fans in Singapore show their understanding and support, I don't think there will be much screening in time to come. In short, a movie or a event can only be successful with the support of it supporters.

I hope there will be screening for 00 and Unicorn Gundam Episode 2 in Singapore. It really a different experience to watch with other Gundam fans and you may never fully understand how it felt like unless you been to one before. If you want, you can say it with me on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/openthetoypage for wanting Gundam screening together. Hopefully it goes to show some love for Gundam from Singapore.

P.S: The purpose of this post is a personal rant and not to name or single out anyone in particular. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. :)

27 August 2010

Meiko Change me Project Diva 2

In Project Diva 2 on PSP, Meiko get to have her own song and to be honest, it was the first time I see Meiko sing and dance. I never know how sexy she can be until I saw her doing "Change Me".

I like this number music arrangement together with choreography of the dance move. I never know Meiko can be so mature in her voice and look as the Meiko toy I have she look really cute.

More of my cute Meiko toy review.

For the game part, I manage to just clear the extreme stage of this song "Change me". It was not easy but still can manage to clear it with some practice. For those who want to know what "Change me" song is all about, here's one super MV with english lyrics.

So how much do you love Meiko now?

26 August 2010

Coming PSP God of War: Ghost of Sparta

After the released of Project Diva 2, here's another game I am looking forward to at end of this year.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta. It's amazing how smooth the game play was when I was playing the former Chain of Olympus. The storyline of that series was great too.

Here's the official trailer of Ghost of Sparta

Here's a 10 minutes game play of the Ghost of Sparta.

Although I plan to get a PS3 for Christmas, I am still looking forward to this game on PSP! It's really getting me excited about the game! What about you?

25 August 2010

A visit to Dennis Home

I was invited to Dennis, a fellow toy blogger home. If you have read his blog, this will be a familiar sight to you.

I was invited to Dennis's third child baby shower and I brought my family along. :)

It was totally another experience to be there to see Dennis's collection in person. Here's some of the closed up.

Some of these toys were review by Dennis sometime back.

Dennis collection mostly consist of Gundam which some of it vintage and rare.

Macross Series MISB!

Here's another GEM!

and another!

Seriously I salute Dennis for being such a die hard toy collector. I would have taken more photo that day but he have many guests that day and it wouldn't be good since the star of that day was the baby.

My family have a good time talking to each Dennis families and friends including desmond, a fellow toy blogger. It was a happy occasion. Thanks Dennis for the invitation.

On the side note, his built in display set me thinking to have my own as most of my toys are all over the place... now I have to work on the budget for that. :P

Premiums for Gundam Fiesta 2010

We are a week away from Gundam Fiesta and here are some Premiums for Gunpla fans during the event.

For Sangokuden fans, there's a new Premium Shijinkikou Sensha for horses armor and weapons. The  Premium Mirisha Weapons are also available  this time round.

For Master Grades, here are the Premiums

Full list of Premium over here.

24 August 2010

Sangokuden Gashapon Zhang Fei

A week ago I saw Sangokuden Gashapon (capsule) machine and I decided to have a go for it out of curiosity. It is from Brave Battle Warriors Series.

There are total of 10 types in the series. Some of which are troopers and add on such as horses and weapons.

I for one was hoping to get a cute trooper but I got Zhang Fei which come with Armor, Helmet and Spear pieces.

Putting them together is easy and this is what you will get. The figure does not come with any movable joint tho and the spear look like a broom to me. :P

A close up to the details of Zhang Fei is decent compare to the size of it.

In case you are wondering what the size, here's a comparsion with my 2" Domokyun.

Really tiny right? All that for 100 Yen which is SGD $2. Worth it?

23 August 2010

Giveaway 3 Gundam Fiesta 2010 Private Preview Passes

Open the toy is very honored to have the organizer ShengTai to be given 3 tickets of the Gundam Fiesta 2010 Private Preview. These Preview passes entitle you to enter the exhibition area at 10:30am to be among the first to look at everything, taking photographs and more importantly to get the limited edition model kit that day.

Here are the rules of the giveaway contest.

1. This giveaway is for Singapore readers but if you are a international reader who will be in Singapore during 1st of Sept and can attend Gundam Fiesta, you are welcome to join.
2. The contest will be in Openthetoy facebook page for the ease of connecting to you.
3. The contest will end on 28th August 2010 11:59pm Singapore time.
4. A lucky draw will be conducted for the first 3 participants who have all the correct answers to the 3 questions below.
5. Please join the contest if you can make it on 1 sept 2010 at Compass point at 10:30am to join the contest. If you are not sure if you can make it, you may want to give this opportunity to those who can. :)

Here are steps for the giveaway contest
1. Connect your facebook account to Openthetoy page. You must be one of those who "Like" the page.
2. Submit your answers on the thread on Openthetoy page wall accordingly.
3. Multiple entries from the same person is consider one entry only.

Here are the 3 questions
1. This is the first time Gundam Fiesta to have a 1:1 Giant hand in Singapore.
True or False?

2. Which Mobile Suit use this as a weapon?

A. Gundam
C. Zaku
D. Acguy

3.The official website of Gundam Fiesta is www.Gundam-Singapore.com.
True or False?

Submit your answers now over at my facebook wall!

22 August 2010

Gundam Fiesta Private Preview Passes

If you want to attend the Preview of Gundam Fiesta Singapore 2010 on 1st September 2010 10:30am at Compass point, all you need to do is to head down to any Metro from now till 31 August to purchase a Master Grade Model Kit. The passes are very limited so head down to the following Metro (Compass point, City Square, Woodlands and Paragon) before the passes is fully redeemed.

The promotion just started today.

Woody Toy Story Revoltech Review

Ever since I watched Toy Story the movie over a decade ago, I wanted Woody and Buzz in my toy collection. However I never really like the idea that Woody was a plush looking toy. I wanted something plastic and around 5" that fit nicely in my toy collection. My prayer was answered when I read Revoltech was making a 4 or 5 inches Woody with good articulation using plastic parts! So after a long wait, here's my Woody from Revoltech!

Don't asked me why Woody was considered a Sci-Fi category. I have no idea also. :)
The box had a great presentation with lot of toy story information written in Japanese.

Because I order this over a Japanese online website Amiami as a pre-order, I got this 3D fan from Toy Story. Neat!

Time to Open the toy!

Say Hi Woody, the friendly Sheriff from the West.

Woody in his full glory just like in the animated movie. Just look at the accuracy of the details.

Like in the movie, there's a pull string at his back but it doesn't come with any sound such as "Reach for the sky" line. Actually it would be a neat thing to have but I can over look that for now.

His shiny looking Sheriff badge and the sliver button are some of the details I love about this figure.

If you take off his hat, you can see his cute curl on top of his head.

Here's some that is very in line with the movie. Andy's mark on Woody's boot.

Another impressive features I like about this toy is the movable eyes which you can do your own setting on the knobs controlling the eyes behind Woody face.

With the eye movement, body articulation and details of the figure, fans of the movie can now produce some of the movie scenes like the following.

Another accessories with Woody is this binoculars toy which also appear in Toy Story movie. Can you see anything Woody?

Hm...Seems like Woody found something interesting...

What could it be? Make a guess and find out more later. *Hint Hint*

Overall I am very pleased with this toy as it match most of my expectation and the details was pure awesomeness. This is what I want Woody toy to be. :)

Here's Buzz Lightyears Review!

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