30 June 2010

OTTi the Toy Seller?

Some of you may have notice there was a period of time my toy blog mascot, OTTi went missing and now it's back on blog header again.

Apparently he was busy to make appearance with one of my friend toy blog comic strips at mechalive.blogspot.com. Mecha Alive is a blog of Mecha modeling, painting and customizing. Sometime it has comic strip too. I didn't know this friend of mine can draw too. In his comic strip this week, OTTi play a role as a Toy Seller of my shop in the comic strips.

Glad my friend added OTTi and fulfill one of my dreams to own a Toy shop with OTTi as my employee. LOL

Do check out his blog at http://mechalive.blogspot.com

29 June 2010

Trunkz Sword Dragonball Candy Toy

As promised last week on Digital Grade Gashapon Super Saiya Trunks review, here's my review on Trunk's Sword from the Dragonball Kai Candy Toys.

I remembering the first appearance of Trunks that kept me puzzle who is this young teenager boy with a sword on his back and also a Super Saiya. The moment he uses his sword to slide into half of Frieza, I was in awe and wanting to get the sword for myself. Coolness + 100!

When I first get this candy toy, I was thinking maybe this sword is good for 12 inches figure since the box is around 17cm in height but when I open it, I had a Frieza expression when he was cut into two in a faction of a second.

The candy toy sword is HUGE!

Just in case you can't picture the size, just take a look at the handle of the sword!

With a full grip, my hand just managed to wrap around the handle. With that in mind, imagine the length of the sword! I love the painting of the handle which give a leather kind of feeling on the out look. The handle do remind me of Lord of the Rings tho. :P

The toy comes with three parts. Fix it together and you will get this.

Missing a part of the blade it seems? Not actually.

The other part of the blade can be extended and the part need you to push a catch to pull it out.

Since it is a candy toy for children, they have safety in mind. That extended blade was made of soft rubber but still look good as a sword on the whole. I put a pen knife on the size for a size comparison with it.

Big right?

I never imagine how I will fall in love with this toy but believe me, I often have this toy on my hands to play around when I am free. How I play with it? by imagining cutting Frieza into half of course! LOL

Die Frieza Die!

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28 June 2010

Godzilla hit Singapore again!

Have short meet up with Dennis over the weekend and we discover Godzilla returns to our retails!

From the line of Bandai with new packaging. I love the box art!

Here's the famous 1968 Godzilla

The kick @$$ looking Millennium Godzilla.

Godzilla is not alone, there are Hydra

and Mothra

Dennis was looking for the Mecha Godzilla in 12 inch but it was no where in sight. Guess that was the popular one.

This is a good time to get the Godzilla if you ask me. I already have one Godzilla in my collection sometime back. I always believe every toy collector should have a Godzilla. Maybe that's just me. LOL

27 June 2010

Journalism or Voyeurism

Anything wrong with a photo like this if the subject is a real person?

As we move to the new media like blogging or Online Journalism, anything can be make a topic to gain popularity. Given a local context of Online Journalism at a popular website which allow anyone of the general public to capture images with their mobile phone and write their take on their point of view. Some of the likely example and response would be something like:

"School girl skirt are getting shorter and shorter! What are the school doing?!"
"This type of girl no shame! What is the society coming to?"

With some length of righteous justification writing, the whole picture will shift to the fault of the school gal who at that moment of time may not even notice she was taken a photo of when a strong blew her off her skirt in public places. Anyway the topic will stir much commotion and any righteous individual will join in to criticize the school girl.

The funny thing is that many have forgotten how and what is the intention of the one who take such photos?
Are the photographer doing voyeurism which many in their right mind may not notice such thing? With camera in place to take such action in a fast motion must have certain set up time right? Is that consider Voyeurism? Sadly everyone seems to forgotten that and blaming on the victim in the photo.

Yes no doubt sometime someone action maybe inconsiderate but sometime is that really their fault? In the term of Journalism, it should not be a one sided story but sadly traffic and popularity are what drive them and they couldn't careless to verify the authenticity of such report on their website or blog. Some of the news was so "juicy" that they went to print media as a Tabloid news on the following day.

Sometime ago, there was a report which involve a neighbor of the opposite apartment walking in his own home in butt naked and photos were taken to report them. The person (walking around nude) may have forgotten to close his window but he/she did not ask the opposite block people to look at them. Anyway one could be at ease in his own home right? Who would expect peeping tom neighbors from a distance? Sadly even with his window slightly closed, his photos was taken and make it to the website and the papers.

Now think of it this way. How often will you look into your neighbor window? Won't that be a impolite thing to do? If you are a photographer, you must be waiting for the act to happen to take that act right? Some more the photos were using the zoom function and lenses which mean by naked eyes, you may not see it clearly.

What does the above tell you? Is the act of taking the photo intentional? Won't that be an intrude of one privacy? The whole case was reported and the victim had to apologizes for walking naked at home...

So is that Journalism or Voyeurism? You tell me.

26 June 2010

Coming Mascot Parade

This is a short announcement of something interesting happening in Singapore on 3 July 2010 at *SCAPE Playspace for Youth Festival Opening.

If you are into cosplaying, there will be COSMO Youth Parade for Cosplay where you can meet with Anim-mate cosplayer Alodia and Ashley and other cosplayers.

For Gunpla fans, there will be Gunpla stuff there too!

So if are in Singapore, be there between 12am to 12pm.

More information over at http://www.mascotparade.org/

25 June 2010

Project M: Head Complete & Trial Shots

Project M updates continue with Cutebucket having started putting the eye in place and rooting of Miku's hair. Cutebucket will now continue in her quest to complete this custom Hatsune Miku.

This week, I finished rooting Miku's hair, which meant that I could finish her head entirely. I added hair to her headcap, so that her skin was no longer visible on the sides of her head:

As in last week's post, I had tied down Miku's bangs to keep them from sticking up.

They have already gotten more tame, except they were still too long.

A little bit of trimming made Miku's eyes more visible.

Then, it was time to close Miku's head with the headcap. I started off by lining up the edges as best I could.

This allowed me to locate strands of hair that lined up between the face and the headcap.

All I had to do to keep the headcap in place was to tie a tight knot.

I did this in about 10 places all around her head (front center, back center, and four on each side)
Looks good!

Time to give Miku her body! I tied up her hair to see how the length compares to her body. Of course, her hair is too long...

... so I carefully trimmed it, using the same techniques I used previously on her bangs.

By this point, Miku was eager to get out of my room and breathe some fresh air!!

Her bangs still need a little work, but she is a sweet little thing, don't you agree?

If you find Project M interesting, do give your support by comments over at this blog and over at Cutebucket, follow us on Twitter (my twitter),subscribe to my RSS (my RSS) or Like in Facebook page. You may even share this news to friends of your if you know they are interested! We need your support!

Project M will be returning in anther 2 to 3 weeks time as Cutebucket will be busy with cosplay on one of her event over her area. We will return with more updates then. :)

24 June 2010

Old Nintendo icon in 3Ds?

The topic in fashion to talk about is 3D. Since 3DS should be out in late 2010, it is a good time to see some 3D. Now we all know that what was fun is the game play and content and not so much of visual effect. Back in 1980s, Nintendo took the world by storm by this pixelated character we call Super Mario Bros.

Even when colors and 3D model engine are appearing on the market, Nintendo still stood good ground with their pixelated icons in Pokemon.

Now let's see if these pixelated icon look good in 3D as the technology advance. Here's a preview.

Meet Super Mario in 3D!

and one of the Pokemon, Mudkip with black outlines.

All thanks to Cezkid who is creative to make them from 2D to 3D! Now they really coming close to LIVE. More awesome 3D works can be found on Cezkid's devart. Cool?

Here is something even cooler! Meet Nintendo 3Ds concept. This should really change the way you play game. Remember this is a portable device.

Awesome? :D

23 June 2010

Gingy, the Gingerbread Man

Gingy is the gingerbread man, he's out of the pan! Actually he is from Shrek and he comes with the final installment of Happy Meal in Mcdonalds for the Shrek Forever After Series.

If you would ask me to pick a favorite in the Shrek, Gingy would be my pick for cuteness. Sorry Puss in boots, you are getting fat! :P

As a child I heard the poem of the Gingerbread man. I have never tasted a Gingerbread before. I wonder how tasty will it be to have a bread made of Ginger...eek... Anyway the poem was funny to me for food to run away but when Shrek had this character, I instantly love it.

In this version, Gingy turn toward fearless with his Candy looking suit. The toy comes with sound feature at the back of his body.

The sound is trigger at one of his button.

Press it once it will goes "LA LA LA LA LA!" and when release (suit off) it will say another phase which I can't make out of. :P

Suit on and off. If you ask me, I like his suit off better.

Currently play with my son with this toy as recite part the Gingerbread man poem and he seems to like it. Till now, I still do not know why everyone is after Gingerbread man since I never tasted it myself. 

Anyway my Gingy seems to be getting some unwanted attention too as Ravage think he is a pet treats...

Thankfully Gingy is now not someone you can push around with.

That should keep him safe right? I certainly hope so... :P

22 June 2010

Digital Grade Super Saiya Trunks

We have come to a Digital age and Bandai release a new Dragonball Kai Gashapon with new and brighter colors.

The whole series consist of 5 characters.

I gave a go on the capsule machine aka Gashapon and I got Super Saiya Trunks! I love the semi translucent golden hair. Under a bright light, the hair kinda light up.

This Trunks look great in all the angels. In the comic, this is his first appearance when he met Freeza and his dad who came to earth to destroy and eliminated Son Goku. You may click on the following picture to have a better view.

Digital grade version have make some changes from the comic in color and some saddle design. For one you may notice the color of his jacket to be greenish then original blue. Here's a snap shot of Trunks in the Anime.

The color and the capsule corp logo look differ.

The sword coloring also went through some changes.

The handle changes from Silver to gold and the Scarbard from Orange to black.

Maybe Digital grade upgraded the colors which I am quite alright with it as the color now look more vibrant for display.

Can you feel the coolest this Super Saiya Trunks?

Next week, I will be reviewing Trunks Sword! No kidding. :)

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