23 December 2010

Open the Toy Nokia OVI app

It's my pleasure to announce that Open the Toy officially have a Nokia apps for Nokia user!

I have the opportunity to be introduce to Nokia by Nuffnang at a OVI workshop a week ago.

Now what is this Apps about? It is another channel for you to publish your content to Nokia users.

As good as it sound, to set up a Nokia app is pretty simple and most of all is FREE! All you need to do is to go to http://appwizard.ovi.com and set up an account for free.

Once you create the free account, here are a list of things you need on hand before starting
- Your blog RSS
- Prepare a 256×256 pixel image (PNG/GIF/JPG format) as your app logo
- Prepare a 360×60 pixel image (PNG/GIF/JPG format) as general logo

As you fill in the form according step by step and you will see the emulator on the right to display all the changes so I don't think you can go wrong. When you feel it is alright, you can proceed to submit your app for Nokia approval which can take a day or two.

Once approved, you will be given your own app and link to promote it on your blog or other media.

Simple right? I completed the process within 30 minutes and now I have a Nokia app and any Nokia user around the world can download that App at Nokia OVI store for FREE!

If you are a Nokia user or know someone who have a Nokia, you can download my App and give me your feedback on it. My App is http://store.ovi.com/content/80356

Hope to get your support! :D

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