OTTi goes Hollow

Actually I wanted to put the title, OTTi goes Bleach but that may give some people the idea I bleach him white from Green. LOL

* Ichigo don't seems very pleased with OTTi cosplay of him. :P

For Bleach Anime lover, who OTTi trying to cosplay won't be difficult for you right? Yes I added some hair for him since the last time round when OTTi cosplay as Ryu Street Fighters someone wanted OTTi to have hair. Anyway having the Ichigo's Orange hair look good on OTTi.

I personally like this version of Ichigo and I remember I took on of the cosplayer doing this cosplay last year AFA.

For some older people may not approve this type of cosplay as it look ghostly or devilish on a regular bases. But for Halloween which is drawing near, I think most are alright. Right? :P

Do OTTi look good for this cosplay?


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