06 September 2010

OTTi Machine by Elmer

OTTi had just went Pro! Meet OTTi Machine. Look very Marvel right?

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it is because Elmer is a professional artist! The above artwork is all done by him from penciling, inking and coloring. Elmer is the real deal who have done works for Marvel and other comic. One of his recent work is a with Lego which was a comic exclusive to SDCC 2010. Other of his works include Unearthly, Ravenskull, Speed Racer (an original story, not a tie-up with the Wachowski movie), and 10 Beautiful Assassins. You can read that on www.gomanga.com

Why Elmer drew OTTi as War machine? Here's his reason.

"I really didn't know what happened, but Ironman and Warmachine kinda snuck in my head and convinced me to draw OTTi wearing Warmachine's suit. Hehe! (I am not a big fan of the Ironman comics, but the movies really made a very good impression of IM for me. He rocks!)

Now since OTTi had this angry eyes look in the other character renditions, I thought he would be perfect for it. He would look badass in the metal suit. Since you're blog is about toys, OTTi Machine will probably give those evil cheap knock-off makers a piece of his mind and a boat load of ammo! :)"

A Surprise to you, Elmer is a toy collector who blog too! www.bwrain.blogspot.com

Elmer is a Professional artist who does paid art commissions with quality work. Some of his portfolio can be found at www.iq40.deviantart.com and www.iq40.daportfolio.com. If you have any job for him, you can contact him at this email address: iq40mail AT gmail.com

Because the work look so good, we have done a wallpaper for this piece of artwork

1024x768 | 1280x800 | 1680x1050 and not forgetting iPhone wallpaper too!

I  hope you guys like it. Do give your feedback and thanks for your support. :)

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