My experience with Pre-order direct from Japan

Back in March, I joined in some pre-ordered toys from Japan which were suppose to release in month of August. There was a 50% off shipping promotion that lead me to that website. It was there I pre-ordered my Figma Black Rock Shooter . During that time, the Yen currency was pretty low and I joined in as I did my math as it was more economical to pre-order direct from Japan even with the shipment charges.

For pre-order, you placed your order but there will be no transaction is at that time. Transaction only require when the toys are ready in stock for sale. Only then the Online shop will asked for your payment.

Through the months, the Yen Currency was climbing and by the time my pre-order was ready to ship and bill, it was more expensive than I originally planed. Not only the goods prices have increase due to conversion but shipping too. The recent batch of pre-order were 10% to 20% higher than I would buy from a local supplier. It was unexpected but it served as a good lesson. It can’t be help as the prices of the local suppliers had also risen the prices due to the conversion.

As the Yen currency continues to climb, I have decided to stop all pre-ordering especially for the month of December from Japan regardless there are toys that I like to own. Between budget and toys, I have to be responsible and sensible. Status Quo is what I will be doing for now until there's a drop of currency rates or cheaper offers.


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