Dibo The gift Dragon

This week, I spent 2 whole days taking care of my son as we are changing our baby sitter. So I have the pleasure to really get down to the details to know what my son likes and dislikes. Although taking care of him can be tiring at times, I felt happy doing it.

As part of our family entertainment, we would watched some children program on cable together. One of his favorite show is "Dibo the Gift Dragon".

The characters are cute, the cartoon colorful and the song is catchy. Even I started to enjoy the show. Since the show was played on Disney Channel, I thought it was a US show but later I discover it was a done by a Korean Studio! Surprising right?

My son will be totally sucked in when the show is on. So being a "Sugar Daddy", I decided to look for the toy but so far I couldn't manage to find the toy.maybe I have not search hard enough.
So now I am on a quest to look for Dibo the Gift Dragon Toy for son. If you can help me to look for it will be appreciated! In moment like this, I really wished I have a Dibo the gift Dragon to say my magic wishes. LOL
Are you started to like Dibo the gift Dragon too? :P

P.S: I like Dibo more than Barney although both are purple but one is a Dragon while another a Dinosaur.In short, Dibo ROCKZ!!

Updates : Read about my Dibo the gift Dragon toy review!


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