Coming Singa 34 Design urban vinyl figurine

If you have been in Singapore in the 1980s, you will have an impression on Singa the courtesy lion. Singa is a mascot for courtesy campaign in Singapore. After 30 years, Singa is going to make into figurine in November, in conjunction with World Kindness Day.

They called it Singa Project!

As the figures have only just entered production, the information I have are the concept design. If product images come about, I will be sharing it here.

So far there are 34 design for Singa figure and here's some of the designs.

All 34 Designs can be found here

There are also Design Competition going on currently.

Singa Poster Design Competition is open for Primary and Secondary school students, and Design-A-Singa Competition for design students and public.

Hm... Should I join the contest?

I don't know about you but I am certainly looking forward to these Singa toys!
By the way, you can join Singa on Facebook here.


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