Coming Ben10 Ultimate Alien Toys

Ben10 after Alien Force returns with a new season Ultimate Alien.

The Omnitrix has been destroyed and Ben must learn to master the secrets of the new Ultimatrix. This new Ultimatrix is gauntlet looking which gives Ben access to all of his original powers and abilities and allows him to evolve and upgrade his alien forms a.k.a Ultimate forms.

A look on the new Ultimatrix

For Ben10 fans, you may notice some of the familiar faces in different Alien Forms. Hulk looking Ultimate Humungousaur while another very Bumblebee looking Armodrillo. :P

Rath look very Esso Tiger looking. LOL

I have to say I like this Ultimate form especially Spider monkey all grown up to Ape looking and so too Echo Echo. Water Harzard very Sith looking. :)

The official launching of this new series of Ben10 Ultimate Alien toys will be release on 10/10/10 in Singapore. A Prefect 10! Watch out for it!

For the toy figures of these series or U.S readers, you can find it here.


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