What's up in August 2010?

It is the beginning of another new month. August, a special month for me.

Last year August was special as I attended STGCC 2009 and I have a good time there meeting up with my blogger friends.This year STGCC have moved to December. So nothing much to look forward this month I guess...but life is full of surprises.

I have been busy with my day job recently as I took on a new role. Back at home, much of my time were spent with my son who is coming to six month old. He is more into music than toys for now. Seriously he like me playing the guitar and sing him some nursery songs than offering him a Optimus Prime with sound and light.

See how cool this cyber stomping Optimus Prime is and my baby is not interested... :(

Whatever left of my free time I update this blog, playing Project Diva 2 on my PSP and fixing my Real Grade Gundam. Yes I know, I am taking my own sweet time. Continue to review that later.

If everything goes well, they will be an interview and Giveaway. Yes I have not been doing any Giveaway since the last which is Gundam UC mouse pad to this blog supporter and reader. So I am planing to do so this month. What will it be? You will find out in the coming days on this blog I promised.


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