Monopoly Giveaway

I received this from Hasbro Monopoly! It was in conjunction with 75th years celebration of Monopoly.

It's a passport holder with Monopoly iconic design!

Allow you to put some cards too!

Hasbro Monopoly is generous to sponsor OpentheToy these gift as a giveaway to my Singapore readers as a part of Singapore National day celebration.

As it is Singapore National Day. I am sure every Singaporean would want to wish for various dreams and aspiration for their future in Singapore. So do I. I guess heading toward these dreams would be easier if we can have a little more Money and a little opportunity.

Remember Monopoly is giving away SGD$20,580 to the winner. The contest is still on going and if you are a Singaporean, Go for it! I have enter mine. :)

Back to my Giveaway.

Two simple rules applies to my giveaway
1. You have to be residing in Singapore (that is the Monopoly requirement if not you can't enroll Monopoly Money Make It Real Contest)

2. Fulfillment of ALL the steps stated in this blog below.

Here are steps with picture to guide you along.
1. Be one that LIKE this blog with your facebook account.

This will help me as I can track and know who you are and you can get updates of the results and for me to get the winning message to you.

2. Go to this thread in the facebook page which look like this

Click on Like so I know who you are.

You may enroll yourself in that Monopoly contest and when your entry is up, leave a comment and the url of your entry on the same facebook thread so in time to come people can vote for you too.

My blog giveaway will be ending on 14th of August 2010 (Singapore timing 23:59 hrs) and Five Lucky winners will get one Monoploy Passport deliver to you FREE of charge. The winners will be contacted and also will be announcing on facebook and this blog.

Thank you for your support and I hope you guys will win the money and get your Singapore dream come true.

Happy National Day, Singapore! More good years ahead!


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