Gundam Fiesta LIVE Stream

I will be attending Singapore Gundam Fiesta Private Preview and to be mindful of my readers who cannot make it to Singapore for that event, I plan to do a LIVE broadcast using my mobile phone for all to see LIVE. I will be doing a broadcast from 11am Singapore Timing to 1115am or so. You can tune in at here on Ustream during the timing.

Please give an grace as I may not know how the event will be like. Basically I will walk through the event area showing the exhibition and I may talk at the background.

As I am doing this LIVE, please do not expect quality video pictures or good narration. I am not a PRO host or a production house but a Gundam fan in Singapore who want to share this joy of the event to the rest of the world. So I may need your understanding if some of the things capture are not up to your standard.

Worry not as I will be doing a report post on this blog and Facebook page for the event later in the day post. For those of us who are in Singapore, you can drop by the event at Compass point from 1 Sept to 13 Sept 2010 to see for yourself.

You may leave comment to support and spread the word around with other Gundam Fans if you want.


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