Giveaway 3 Gundam Fiesta 2010 Private Preview Passes

Open the toy is very honored to have the organizer ShengTai to be given 3 tickets of the Gundam Fiesta 2010 Private Preview. These Preview passes entitle you to enter the exhibition area at 10:30am to be among the first to look at everything, taking photographs and more importantly to get the limited edition model kit that day.

Here are the rules of the giveaway contest.

1. This giveaway is for Singapore readers but if you are a international reader who will be in Singapore during 1st of Sept and can attend Gundam Fiesta, you are welcome to join.
2. The contest will be in Openthetoy facebook page for the ease of connecting to you.
3. The contest will end on 28th August 2010 11:59pm Singapore time.
4. A lucky draw will be conducted for the first 3 participants who have all the correct answers to the 3 questions below.
5. Please join the contest if you can make it on 1 sept 2010 at Compass point at 10:30am to join the contest. If you are not sure if you can make it, you may want to give this opportunity to those who can. :)

Here are steps for the giveaway contest
1. Connect your facebook account to Openthetoy page. You must be one of those who "Like" the page.
2. Submit your answers on the thread on Openthetoy page wall accordingly.
3. Multiple entries from the same person is consider one entry only.

Here are the 3 questions
1. This is the first time Gundam Fiesta to have a 1:1 Giant hand in Singapore.
True or False?

2. Which Mobile Suit use this as a weapon?

A. Gundam
C. Zaku
D. Acguy

3.The official website of Gundam Fiesta is
True or False?

Submit your answers now over at my facebook wall!


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