Project Diva 2 Opening on PSP

We are exactly 20 days to the official launching of Project Diva 2 on PSP. Here's the official opening of the game.

In the video Luca was the Teacher and Len, Rin and Miku the students. Miku look really cute with her normal school sailor uniform. Rin is cute too. Len look like a delinquent with his shirt tucked out...

When playing as a band, it is surprising to see Luca as a Drummer! The opening song doesn't really sound catchy to me but I love how Miku give a sharp yell. The last time I heard that was in the ending of her popular number, "The World is Mine".

I hope the new songs in the game will be as good as part 1...Keeping my fingers crossed.

Well to recap, here the Project Diva 1 Opening song, "The Secert Garden".

So which one is better? 1 or 2?


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