The Fate of Octopus Paul?

Finally the World Cup has come to an end!

If you look back in this world cup, many attention was directed to a psychic Octopus named Paul. It was fun to see what the Octopus to predict the winning team by picking the mussel in two different containers. All was fun until one fine day Paul chose Spain instead of Germany in one of the deciding matches and it came true!

What should be a popular for fun prediction got Paul into trouble when his harmless prediction came true. Many supporter of Germany directed the anger on this innocent creature.

Naturally, the Germans were quite upset about Paul.

If what's the video above said it true, this may happen to Paul...

Poor fella for doing a good job and yet got condemn for it.

Disclaimer: All of the content in this entries are purely fictional written in a way for fun and no one should not take this seriously.

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If you are really interested to know how some people eat octopus, here's a video from the National Geographic of some culture eating Octopus ALIVE!

Cautious: Please only watch it if you can take it.

Will you eat a LIVE Octopus?


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