Streets Hard Selling

After a tiring day during the peak hour on my way home, I was approached by some street promoters who have been camping on a busy street where one normally head back home. My mind only had one thing in mind, head back home and rest and there I was surrounded by a group of street promoters relentlessly stopping anyone to do some survey. I can tell you some of these promoters are so Die hard that if you actually stop your steps and start talking, that is it.

So in such situation, what will you do?

Here's a version of how OTTi will response when being approached by Die Hard Promoter.

I was very much tempted to do what OTTi did but then again they are out to make a living. I think these approach are more harm than good as it will get to people nerve more than they are open to hear what you have to offer... then again if the promoter are a charming or good looking of a opposite gender, maybe that can go down easier? True?

Have you experience such Die hard promoter pushing products or services before?


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