Pullip and the great Outdoors

kelvin255 and his wife Akane* brings us the fourth installment of their Pullip dolls adventures. Over to Kelvin.

We enjoy bringing our dolls outdoors for photoshoots. Initially we felt awkward and were conscious of people looking/staring. But now we are used to it!

At Sentosa Flowers 2009

Punggol Beach

Heart of Singapore's rat race. Can you guess where? ;)

Groups of friends will organise doll gatherings to catch up on the latest dolly news and take photos of dolls together.

Some Filipino friends visited Singapore with their dolls, and we organised a gathering at Sentosa.

As Singapore is so small, we run out of interesting places to bring our dolls to. When we go overseas for holidays we'll bring alone a doll too!

At Tokyo Disney Resort. Lurve the Christmas decor!

Aspiring rope dancer at the Arabian Coast theme, Tokyo Disneysea.

Climbing up Mt. Takao (高尾山)

It's really great to have friends who into the same hobbies.


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