Old Nintendo icon in 3Ds?

The topic in fashion to talk about is 3D. Since 3DS should be out in late 2010, it is a good time to see some 3D. Now we all know that what was fun is the game play and content and not so much of visual effect. Back in 1980s, Nintendo took the world by storm by this pixelated character we call Super Mario Bros.

Even when colors and 3D model engine are appearing on the market, Nintendo still stood good ground with their pixelated icons in Pokemon.

Now let's see if these pixelated icon look good in 3D as the technology advance. Here's a preview.

Meet Super Mario in 3D!

and one of the Pokemon, Mudkip with black outlines.

All thanks to Cezkid who is creative to make them from 2D to 3D! Now they really coming close to LIVE. More awesome 3D works can be found on Cezkid's devart. Cool?

Here is something even cooler! Meet Nintendo 3Ds concept. This should really change the way you play game. Remember this is a portable device.

Awesome? :D


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