MG Model Kit Challenge 2010 Entries

Hello Gunpla fans! The entries of Master Grade Model Kit Challenge 2010 are currently display at Takashimaya B2 Atrium from not till 27 June!

Here are some snapshots on SOME of the entries for the Adult MG category which I manage to take as I was rushing for time. In no way excluding the other entries not display here. Okay less word, more pictures!

There's an entries of Dragonball too!

Not forgetting the Junior category for BB gundams. They are very creative.

There are still other entries which are too many to take photo of which will be better if you head over and take a look for yourself on the sizes and the colors. So head down to Takashimaya to see for yourself!

More details on the event at Chubbybots

My sincere wishes to the entries!

Updates: Here are the winners!


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