Journalism or Voyeurism

Anything wrong with a photo like this if the subject is a real person?

As we move to the new media like blogging or Online Journalism, anything can be make a topic to gain popularity. Given a local context of Online Journalism at a popular website which allow anyone of the general public to capture images with their mobile phone and write their take on their point of view. Some of the likely example and response would be something like:

"School girl skirt are getting shorter and shorter! What are the school doing?!"
"This type of girl no shame! What is the society coming to?"

With some length of righteous justification writing, the whole picture will shift to the fault of the school gal who at that moment of time may not even notice she was taken a photo of when a strong blew her off her skirt in public places. Anyway the topic will stir much commotion and any righteous individual will join in to criticize the school girl.

The funny thing is that many have forgotten how and what is the intention of the one who take such photos?
Are the photographer doing voyeurism which many in their right mind may not notice such thing? With camera in place to take such action in a fast motion must have certain set up time right? Is that consider Voyeurism? Sadly everyone seems to forgotten that and blaming on the victim in the photo.

Yes no doubt sometime someone action maybe inconsiderate but sometime is that really their fault? In the term of Journalism, it should not be a one sided story but sadly traffic and popularity are what drive them and they couldn't careless to verify the authenticity of such report on their website or blog. Some of the news was so "juicy" that they went to print media as a Tabloid news on the following day.

Sometime ago, there was a report which involve a neighbor of the opposite apartment walking in his own home in butt naked and photos were taken to report them. The person (walking around nude) may have forgotten to close his window but he/she did not ask the opposite block people to look at them. Anyway one could be at ease in his own home right? Who would expect peeping tom neighbors from a distance? Sadly even with his window slightly closed, his photos was taken and make it to the website and the papers.

Now think of it this way. How often will you look into your neighbor window? Won't that be a impolite thing to do? If you are a photographer, you must be waiting for the act to happen to take that act right? Some more the photos were using the zoom function and lenses which mean by naked eyes, you may not see it clearly.

What does the above tell you? Is the act of taking the photo intentional? Won't that be an intrude of one privacy? The whole case was reported and the victim had to apologizes for walking naked at home...

So is that Journalism or Voyeurism? You tell me.


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