Invitation to Memento Mori

If you have follow Mick Baltes' "Memento Mori" toy comic, you will know that the season 1 is coming to an end. For an EPIC Rome set in production, I have the opportunity to be invited to walk through some of the set in the ancient Rome by Mick.

What get better is that Mick will turn this walk through into a comic and YOU can participate in it! Just ask your questions at the comment address to Mick and your questions will show up in the comic!

In this walk through, I will be going behind the scene to talk about the details of Termopolio which is a bar in the Rome.

What is Termopolio?
In the comic, Termopolio was a bar own by Agilis Nicator, a famous Gladiator who are awarded his freedom by Rome. Who else can fit to take on such role accept "Mr. Stalone"? :P

If you have any questions, I am sure Agilis will be delighted to entertain.

Taken reference of a real Rome building, Mick recreated Termopolio.

On the whole structure of the Termopolio building are situated on a busy street.

As the construction are raw, the building are uneven and earth in colors. However it is not without decoration. On top of the pillars were some bronze mini helmet design. Maybe that have to do with the owner Agilis Gladiator design?

As a bar or a restaurant, the cooking area is important which allow waiting sit on the side of the pillar outside of the bar.

Do you notice the the different design of the floor in and outside of the restaurant and the painting on the side of the wall? Just look at the details.

A close up on the cooking area and you will notice the cooking space which is filled with some fire wood and one well done steak and one medium roasting above the fire?

From the inside of the bar looking at the cooking area, you can see the pots and fire place. Take notes of the walls as it is wear and tear...

The cooking area has lots of details from vegetables, bronze, silver, clay and even glass vessels.

Turning the angle to the other side of the bar are the drinking area. The furniture may look unmatching but for a bar that often had drunk brawling, furniture may replace or repair often. So that may cause the inconsistancy of the furniture. *Hint: Just look at the details of the stools.

Now it is your turn to ask any question to Mick and he will be including a comic walk through to answer all your questions. You can catch the whole season of Memento Mori here! It is as good as HBO. :)


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