Gundam Model Kit NOT!

If you are a Gunpla fan, you may have heard about the news of Bandai is taking action against Pirates. Some of you may not actually seen Pirated Model kit and the sake of those who have not seen it before, I got hold of one and do a review of this bootleg model kit from HongLi.

Disclaimer: I do not support bootleg of this model kits. The purpose of this is to share with all my experiences with this model kits and not for promotion of the company.

From the packaging, it resemble well with the Original. The only difference is that it was written in Chinese. They may argue that the these goods are for China market but even so, do they have the IP rights or license for it? Apparently these bootlegs were sold out of China. They have printed barcode and some safety messages on the box too...They are smart enough to replace the Bandai logo to TT HongLi. By the way, there are more brands or company that did these type of Gundam model kit bootlegs.

If you want to talk about professionalism, wait till you open the box. They have instruction sheets with full color on one side...

and a detail instructions on the other in black and white. Same as original Bandai product...

As for the parts, they include everything with decal, stickers, plastic parts and even metal joints like the original. Impressive? Not so fast...

One of parts in the model kit sealed in a air lock plastic bag had a missing piece.

It was nowhere to be found and so I conclude that the piece was already missing in the middle of the packing. What do I expect? Good quality control for bootlegs?

According to the instruction sheet, the missing part  was the waist of the Zaku.

And it is a vital part! So I guess I can't complete the model kit, which also mean I wasted my money big time.

Nevertheless, the show must go on to review the quality of the product.

If you are a Bandai model kit fan, you would notice the material different between this bootleg and Original. Bootleg plastic are more raw, non-glossy, dryer and softer than original. You can still see some of the raw and uncut parts of the plastic exposed.

You really have to give them some credits on branding. They have their logo on their model kits parts.

Comparison of Bandai and TT HongLi. One made in China another made in Japan. Now I wonder how on earth do they(TT HongLi) get the design if Bandai was made in Japan?

I managed to put some of the parts together and a common problem I faced is that the parts couldn't fit nicely as it suppose to be. See the gap on Zaku head?

Here's another example on his leg.

End of the day, it is not worth it to buy even it is cheaper. You may run the risk of possible missing parts and parts couldn't fit well. You wouldn't know who to complain to if that happened. So that is my experience with TT Hongli model kit.

Am I the only one who have experience with these bootleg Gundam Model kit? If you have the similar experiences, do share it here. :)


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