Gingy, the Gingerbread Man

Gingy is the gingerbread man, he's out of the pan! Actually he is from Shrek and he comes with the final installment of Happy Meal in Mcdonalds for the Shrek Forever After Series.

If you would ask me to pick a favorite in the Shrek, Gingy would be my pick for cuteness. Sorry Puss in boots, you are getting fat! :P

As a child I heard the poem of the Gingerbread man. I have never tasted a Gingerbread before. I wonder how tasty will it be to have a bread made of Ginger...eek... Anyway the poem was funny to me for food to run away but when Shrek had this character, I instantly love it.

In this version, Gingy turn toward fearless with his Candy looking suit. The toy comes with sound feature at the back of his body.

The sound is trigger at one of his button.

Press it once it will goes "LA LA LA LA LA!" and when release (suit off) it will say another phase which I can't make out of. :P

Suit on and off. If you ask me, I like his suit off better.

Currently play with my son with this toy as recite part the Gingerbread man poem and he seems to like it. Till now, I still do not know why everyone is after Gingerbread man since I never tasted it myself. 

Anyway my Gingy seems to be getting some unwanted attention too as Ravage think he is a pet treats...

Thankfully Gingy is now not someone you can push around with.

That should keep him safe right? I certainly hope so... :P


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