Street Fighters Legacy & Beginnings End

Remember the Street Fighters Legacy a few post ago? It is out! BUT before we go to that, I come across another fan made Street Fighter in Alpha time when Ken and Ryu are much younger. It was made by another fan group with good in effect and fight choreography too.

Note that both version are not linked and produce by two different fan group.

Here's Street Fighters: Beginnings End.

Look good?

Now here what you are waiting for. Street Fighter Legacy which just release yesterday.

More of the Street Fighter Legacy making here or in HD.

These two fan made are way better than those done by Hollywood doesn't it? My respect to the makers for their devotion and hard works to keep to original! Now if this is made into real movie, it surely be a big hit.

Any comments?

Feel like playing Street Fighter game now! Hadouken!


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