Pullip and Photography

Today kelvin255 and his wife Akane* will be continue sharing on the topic of Pullip and photography.

Over to you Kelvin.

Pullips and photography go hand-in-hand (although it's hell on the wallet!) They make good models for portrait shots.

Then again, there are some not-so-cooperative models... "Pfffftt!"

They get along well with our 'tiger' at home...

... but some love to tease him! >__<

Pullips also like to celebrate holidays, like us!

Our 'lil Santarina

Celebrating the year of the Tiger!

More of Cuties Pullips Photography later.

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I don't know about you but personally I really enjoy Kelvin Pullips photography. If you like them too, please comment or give them a rating for appreciation. Thank you.


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