Photohunt #24 Super Mario Bros

A Photohunt for those who missed the Photohunt Quiz I stopped since February.

My first encounter with Super Mario was in the age of Game & Watch. It was a handheld game named Donkey Kong. Mario have not even has it own game. Only in the age of Nintendo did Super Mario got their own break. So Photohunt this week, Super Mario Candy Toy with Barrel of candies.

To better spot all 5 differences, click on the photo below.

If you have problem trying to find all 5 differences, click here to see the answer.

Please indicate the number of star with the number of answer you spotted. If you know friends who are into Mario, send them this photohunt link and let them guess it too.

Photohunt from now on would be a on and off thing unless it has a demand. :)


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