May 2010 Calendar

It is a new month and for the month of May, we have 1 Gundam (some called it 1.5 Gundam. .5 is the enhance backpack).

Download three choices of resolution for this calendar wallpaper below:
1024x768 | 1280x800 | 1680x1050

With overseas readers in mind, I put 2 public holidays of Singapore in bracket as I am not sure if other parts of the world celebrate the holidays like us. However for Mother's day, I am pretty sure it was celebrated everywhere. Right?

So how many Calendar do you want OTTi?

LOL. Apparently OTTi is cosplaying again. This time he is cosplaying Ip man. Hope to catch the movie of Ip man 2 soon.

Meanwhile stay tune to my exclusive interview with the creator of Pollips doll, Caramelaw on coming Sunday!


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