31 May 2010

With Kim, All things are Possible

In the early 2000, Disney decided to produce a teenage cartoons changing most of the definition of Heroism. The new cartoon need to be cool and the lead should be a teenage girl who suppose to save the world at the same time facing head on with her growing up issue with school and family. Above anything else, she should be COOL! And Cool she was. Meet Kim Possible.

I got this Kim Possible toy couple of years back on a retail sales. Remembering her in her cartoon series, this articulated Kim Possible stand close to 12". She had magnetic parts on her hands and legs.

It was love at first sight since I watched the series too. The face was well sculpted like Kim in the cartoon. Oh, I love her hair too. :P

The toy comes with a metal base stand with her logo. This metal base is important to this toy.

With the metal base, Kim had a great sense of balance.

Like Kim doing the Karata Kid pose!

and dud a side kick!

Even a one legged squat with great balance!

All thanks to the magnetic feature on the hand and legs that make Kim stick on any metal surfaces even with a hand!

This toy did justice for Kim. It is a great mix between a doll and action figure and above all a fun and good looking figure. If you would ask why this toy rocks, Kim would have a answer for you.

Here's something that you may want to know about the influence of Kim Possible. The series was so popular that it was translated to many languages around the world and one of the thing that will grow on you is the theme song which some use it as a ring tone of their mobile phone during that time.

There are various cover of her theme song in different version on MTV. The original is Christina Milian but I couldn't find the MTV of her nonetheless here are some other covers
Call Me Page Me in English by Arashiro Beni.

In French by Priscilla. Great looking MTV too

Finally, She had a Chinese version for Taiwan and China. The call the series 麻辣女孩(Hot and spicy gal).

In all MTV in different languages, they never change the part where her name was sung in English, "Kim Possible" and dressed like her.

The song was so popular that a Hongkong girl group, Wonder girls use it for their songs.

Note, that has nothing to do with Kim Possible.

Now tell me if Kim Possible is cool or what? Any Kim Possible fan here?

30 May 2010

June 2010 Desktop Calendar

The month of June had no public holiday but for students they should be the happiest lot as it is their school holidays from where I came from.

Anyway for the month of June, we have Super Saiyan Son Goku!

Choices of resolution for this calendar wallpaper:
1024x768 | 1280x800 | 1680x1050

If there's any special occasion to celebrate in June, it have to be the Fathers' Day. Although it was statistically proven that more people celebrate mothers' day than the Fathers' day. Still we should not neglect the fathers.

This is my first year celebrating as I am a father now. I don't expect any present as my boy is still young. But being able to take care of him everyday is the best gift I ever ever got.

29 May 2010

Shrek the Father Figure

Following Shrek part 4 Forever After, Mcdonalds started with the latest Shrek movies characters as a Happy Meal Toy this week. Meet Shrek, the Chatter Changer toy.

The likeness of Shrek were well represented on this toy. Shrek comes with a Silver shield which is too small for his size.

In the third installment of the Shrek movie, Shrek became a father. So instead of giving him and accessories, he got this.

Little orge. Does he/she look like the Mummy or Daddy?

With this little baby, Shrek had become a Chatter Changer or so call the new masculine hero. I have a feeling that the female gender had a hand in the character development.

The Fun begins when you put the baby Orge onto Shrek. You need to turn on the switch at the back of Shrek and the moment the baby orge is put around his neck, Shrek will play a phase from the movie. In total this toy had two phase.

In most cases the illustration look better than the toy but not for this toy. Thank goodness the toy doesn't look like the fierce looking Shrek on the packaging.

Here's a portrait of the Father and Child.

Shrek should be more mature ever since he becomes a father. No longer a "carefree" Orge that goes around doing what he pleased. That somehow make him want to go back in time and everything went wrong. I guess that is the reason why he made a deal with Rumpelstiltskin.

As a Father now, I can comprehend better what Shrek went through. The demand of life and challenges sometime can weight us down. But for the smile from the little one, you will instantly be recharge, making you feel like a Superman.

Overall I am very pleased with the quality of these series of Shrek toys. The only down side, Shrek only had one movable joint which is his left hand. If you are a fan of the movie, this sets is a must get for you. They are plenty of characters to collect but make sure you will not end up to be like the Pussy in boots in this installment. (I think he is more fatter than Garfield now).

Gringy look the cute-est to me. I will get him if I come across him.

28 May 2010

Project M: Face Make Up

Previously on Project M, Miku Hatsune doll had her eye opened. This round Cutebucket will do Miku make up on Mike doll.

The following is Cutebucket walk through of the process.

The first thing I always do is make sure I have all my supplies ready. To paint Miku's face, I used Basics acrylic paint in "Mars Black" and "Bright Aqua Green." I also used water color pencils (Faber-Castell brand), a regular pencil, and Mr. Super Clear (MSC) UV-Cut Flat as sealant. My GSC Miku served as a reference once again.

My weapon of choice for this kind of task is a tiny, high-quality flat brush:

Starting with the black, I began to paint the inside of Miku's eyes. I tend to begin from the inside and slowly work out, since it's a lot more difficult to remove paint than it is to add it.

After the eyes were done...

I added the little marks above her eyes...

And finally the eyebrows, switching to the green color so they would match her hair.

I added a little bit of color to her lips by using the colored pencils:

And then I sealed everything with Mr. Super Clear (MSC).

Everything was nice and good until the third layer of MSC, for some unknown reason, dried very bubbly and gross!! It looked like Miku had a severe case of acne ><;

Luckily, acetone (in this case, 100% acetone nail polish remover) will remove MSC

but it also takes off acrylic paint!

That left me little choice but to start the faceup all over!

Beginning with the inside of the eyes again

working to the outside


and eyebrows!

The second time around, I opted to use only one layer of MSC. I wasn't going to risk having another "acne" incident... poor Miku!! Looking back on it, though, I am kind of glad that I decided to re-do the faceup. I think the second version looks much cleaner and more like Miku!

Here's a preview with one eye!

I won't be putting in her eyes permanently until after I have rooted her hair.

If you like this Project too, do give your support by comments over at this blog and over at Cutebucket, follow us on Twitter (my twitter),subscribe to my RSS (my RSS) or Like in Facebook page. You may even share this news to friends of your if you know they are interested! We need your support!

27 May 2010

Something to Say

This blog has been updating almost everyday for this calendar year and as it is coming close to half way mark of the year, it is time for me to re-think about “Open the toy”. As I was writing this post, I read one of a regular Toy blogger, Reis from geek-orthodox had ended his toy blogging after putting so much effort and content into his blog. Now that spur me to seriously considering is it worth the effort I am putting in too.

First of all, I want to thank you that you are still reading this post even though there are no fancy photos. The reason I didn’t put any picture to this post is because many viewers (note I didn’t use the word “Reader”) simply look at the photos without reading what was written. That's really broke my heart. Guys, taking photos do take efforts but doing the writing and piecing the materials together take more effort as I am not a natural writer.

Recently I enrolled my blog to Singapore Blog Award with the encouragement of a friend, BNN who also enrolled in it. This is the second year I was considering to enroll my blog in it. The reason I didn’t enroll last year was I couldn’t fit my blog into any of their given categories. This time round I just enroll my blog in the lifestyle category since toys and games should be a lifestyle. Needless to say, my blog didn’t get in. I felt discourage.

One reason I can think of is majority of my readers are not from Singapore but from different parts of the world all thanks to internet which is a good thing by the way. My friends commented that the nature of my blog is unique and targeted toward a niche audiences. I agree as that was how the direction of this blog was since the beginning.

I started Open the Toy as a toy eccentric blog and still keeping that way today. However my writings and content are not tie down to any label or brand in terms of toys or topics. It is true that my readers will find that my direction on toys itself are divest. I have never promise that my blog follow a certain topic but the only promise I made was this:

Toys, Games and anything Fun.

So FUN is word for me to share and connect to my readers. I hope my readers will enjoy my post with an open mind and shared the joy of the fun.

If you look at my content on the whole, most of the materials are Original (except for toy news and feature artists I interviewed) seasoned with my point of view. I value Sincerity. If I cannot connect myself to that topic, I will not touch on it nor will I post it even on given product review. I do the same in friendship by being sincere and respecting each other.

Some pointed out that my blog lack of a face. So it seems OTTi is not doing a good job as a mascot (maybe I should fire him LOL). If that being the case, maybe I should put more camwhore photos of myself to scare away some readers and is it a risk you are willing to take? LOL Anyway I always wanted the quality of my content be more prominent than my face on this blog. If I wanted my face to be popular I would have put up my face "BIG BIG" long time ago.

I never like to be in a shadow of anyone and please do not compare or class me with some popular bloggers.

The rewards and pleasures for blogging was for me to get to meet people from all walks of life and some even from half way around the world using facebook, blog comments and emails. I reap the joy of meeting like-minded individual and having experience first hand of what it mean by caring and sharing. No sharks No scrapers, what a wonderful world. Life is hard and we need all the friends we can get in life.

Now I have two things that are on my mind now. One is to look for a "sleeker" template for my blog. So do not be alarm if you happen to visit as I am changing the template. If you see something is changing and things are not be place, remain calm and don't do anything. Most likely I am just trying out some template to have better presentation. If you have any recommendation, do let me know.

Secondly, I may have to pay more money for some of the issue of this blog as my images traffic cap is in the reds now. I do not know if anyone copy my image link to some other location but if you know anyone who is doing this, please inform me or tell them not to do so. If you love my post and wanted to share in forum or blogs, please copy SOME (not ALL) of the images and part of the content for posting and linking the URL to the location where you get my post. Do not copy the whole content and give no credits to my materials.

It is not an easy task to produce daily material. I am not a full time blogger (not getting the income as one too) and I still have to work in my day job to earn my keep for my family. I am not asking for money ( but if you want to donate or sponsor we can talk) but all I am asking is for you to read what I wrote (subscribe to my RSS) and get involve like in facebook, twitter to get me going.

Thank you very much for reading and support. Comments, requests and suggestions are always welcome. :)

26 May 2010

A Gift from Dutch Purple Rabbit

Over two weeks ago I received a package from Netherlands. It was from the Dutch Purple Rabbit, one of my friends, a toy lover and a great supporter of this toy blog. When I opened the package, I saw these cute collectibles.

First was Spider-man. Knowing that I have some spider-man toys, she give this spider-man to me from her collections.

She's a Super Mario fan and when she learned that I am one because of my Super Mario collections, she gave me some Super Mario stuff like this Mini Mario collectibles.

To add on, she gave me a mint Super Mario Galaxy keychain too!

It's an official Nintendo Wii merchandises key chain. WOW!

But the one that touched me the most was this old vintage Eraser from her husband and her collections. The Eraser is design look old as it was from 1984 but the Eraser is still in mint condition!

Her husband and her parted with this piece of vintage which had been in their collection of them for years to me. I felt so touched.

I believe it was a Gobot design rather than Transformers Eraser. Can anyone confirm?

A big thank you to the Dutch Purple Rabbit and her husband for their precious gift to me. I can see she and her husband went through great length to deliver these gifts to me.

Thank you!

25 May 2010

Son Gokou One Piece Crossover

My friend went to Japan and got this gift for me! Knowing I am a Dragonball fan, he got this figure for me. Of course I was overwhelm with happiness. It's Super Saiyan Goku!

This figure is one of the 10th Animation Anniversary of One Piece and Dragonball cross over. See how they mix up the logo together from both Manga?

They use two of the lead character to do the crossover. Luffy and Gokou in case you didn't notice.

Time to Open the toy! Super Saiya Gokou! I like!!

The figure captured the well built Gokou in super Saiyan form. The color of the skin and clothing were painted bright and colorful and even toning/shading! But do you notice something is not right?

Yes! The logo on the front and the back his costume are One Piece logo! if you have sharper eye, you may notice the figure maker marks are engrave on his butt too.

Further more, Gokou is carrying the Devil Fruits which is found only in One Piece comic. Here's a close up of the fruit.

Somehow the devil fruits look like Dragon Fruits in real life.

Did I mention Gokou look pretty evil for this figure?

Maybe it is just me...

Overall I love this figure (because I am a Dragonball fan). I want to thank my friend who gave this toy to me. This make a good display figure.

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