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I have a circle of friends who are using iPhone and since I did desktop calendar why not turn some of them to iPhone wallpaper? So this is my first time ever iPhone wallpapers! Look good?

So here is it! I did 8 of them at a go and one of them is a "Special". I hope iPhone users will find this useful. Do feedback to me if you are using it. :)

Meanwhile, you may vote for your favorite wallpaper at the comment section. Click on the picture to see the actual iPhone resolution and save it to use it.

#1 He is my Master!
If there are only maid type of manga or anime that I like, it would be this Anime. This picture was listed in my January 2010 Calendar.

#2 Len, one of the twin vocaloid
Appear in my Feburary 2010 calendar is Len and he made it to iPhone too!

#3 Tamama san!
In March 2010 calendar was Tamama. There is just no way you can fight his cuteness.

#4 T-800
T-800 from NECA is one bad to the bone machine but I think some of you may love him as who he is.

#5 Ice Bat
My Ice Bat from Uglydolls during last Christmas shot made it to the iPhone wallpaper collection. He glow in the dark... I mean the toy not the wallpaper. LOL

#6 Super Saiyan Son Goku
For the Dragonball Tuesday readers, this is just for you!

#8 Miku Hatsune
I know there are many fans of Miku Hatsune and this is just for you!

BONUS! #8 OTTi Action Figure!
Something that you guys least expected. A photo of OTTi action figure! He is ready to take on anything that come into his way. Just too good to be true? Hm... Something happen the same thing last year around this time... Do you still believe it? Hehehe

Meanwhile cast in your vote on the comment!


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