26 April 2010

Pullip Dolls Beginner Guide

Not too long ago I came to know a fellow toy collector who's wife is a big fan of Pullip dolls. When it comes to doll, I am a noob but I am interested to learn more about Pullip dolls and they were kind enough to share information on this dolls with me. So to the benefit for all, here writing and photos by kelvin255 and his wife Akane* on Pullip dolls.

Pullip is an Asian fashion doll series that has been gaining popularity locally in recent years. The main characters in the Pullip line are Pullip (the main doll), Taeyang (male doll and Pullip's boyfriend), Dal (Taeyang's little sister) and Byul (latest doll, Dal's best friend).

* Pullips in box. The smaller ones are Little Dals.

* Pullip Lan Ai in stock clothes.

* Pullip Papin. Her stock wig has been changed to this.

A stock Pullip doll already has many playable features like eyes that can glance left/right and eyelids that can close, giving the appearance of sleeping or winking. (Dals and Byuls do not have closing eyes though.)

* A Pullip 'sleeping'.

Pullip owners will go one step further and change the stock body to one that has more articulation and can pose better. The most popular bodies are Obitsu. They have good articulation and, more importantly (at least to me!) changeable hands.

* Without these grabby hands, Pullips wouldn't be able to eat! =P

* More hand uses.

* Dangerous use of these hands! =O

Most owners will also change the wigs (hairstyle and colour), eyechips (eye colour and details) and makeup to make their doll uniquely their own and OOAK (one of a kind).

Stock Pullip Suiseiseki

Same doll with different wig, giving her a whole different look and personality!

There's all for now. More of Pullip later.

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