Pixar: 20 years of Animation arrived in Singapore

From 2 April (Yesterday) to 27 June, Singapore Science center is hosting Pixar: 20 years of animation exhibition.

The exhibition will look at the arts and technology behind 20 years of animation featuring hundreds of paintings, drawings and artwork on paper, sculptures and media interactive pieces.

The exhibition has toured in major cities around the world such as New York, London, Melbourne and Singapore is the only stop in South East Asia before returning back to California.

There will be 3 3D movies in each month (April is UP, May is Toy Story 1 and June is Toy Story 2) together with the exhibition but you have to book it before hand for the showtime.

You can book your ticket or check out more information at Pixar.com.sg

Personally I am very interested to pop by to take a look but I don't think they will allow photography... Anyone want to join me to go together on a weekend this month? Let me know here. It can be a group outing. :)


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