Last Night, Good Night

It has been some time I have not put some Miku Hatsune song to share. Since it is Friday (TGIF), I decided to share one more songs of Miku Hatsune from PSP Project Diva (which now and then I am still playing), "Last Night, Good Night".

Here's the MV on PSP Project Diva.

The first time I heard and see this MV as I am playing the game I felt in love with it. The building of the rhythm to the chorus was amazing. By chorus I am totally sold with the way she dance with her hand movement. I remember I did the same move to one of my Project Diva friend and we cracked.

What actually bring about me to post this song was I saw Hexlord photography of Miku Hatsune cosplayers, "Last Night, Good Night" who using the theme to do the photography.

I have to say the photography capture the mood of the song.

Not to mention on this good looking Miku cosplayer, Angelryn

More of shots by Hexlord shots on Miku Hatsune, Angelryn here.

I have taken some of her photo during AFA09. I remember her being quiet but friendly when I asked her to pose some shot for me.

Even though she was tired during that time, she still pose for phototaking. That is what I call cosplay spirit!

With Hexlord photography, the cosplayer had come out with the Video of their version of "Last Night, Good Night"

If you heard two singing you are hearing it right as one was Miku hatsune and the other is the cosplayer voice.

The full version of the english lyrics of this song "Last Night, Good Night" can be found here.

Now do you like "Last Night, Good Night"?


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