First BANDAI Action Kit Universal Cup in AUSTRALIA

Good news for Gundam or Gunpla fans from down under!

On Gundam's 30th anniversary and for the first time, the invitation of Australia's first representative to the BAKUC (Bandai Action Kit Universal Cup), an international Gundam modeling competition held by BANDAI is ON! BAKUC give modelers the opportunity to show off their work and battle it out amongst the best modelers from all over the world .

Since the year 2004, Countries such as Japan, China, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Italy, USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Malaysia have taken part. Now the invitation is extended to Australians counter parts! Bandai, in conjunction with Hobbyco, are holding Australin's first BAKUC sanctioned event.

This competition is open to EVERYONE (in Australia), from beginners to the pro modelers! Win amazing prizes such as a round trip to Hong Kong for this year's BAKUC finals and much more.

The event is on August 7 2010 at Sydney NSW

If you are currently residing in Australia, go for this exciting challenge for model making. If you know of any friends in Australia who are into model kit or Gundam, spread the word around!  Good luck mate!

For more information about the application and the rules, head over to:
Facebook Event here


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