Playing Art DIY from Le Lab

When talking about customizing a toy, designer toys would be the way to go. I came across this cute Monkey looking DIY over at LE LAB.

I like the design as it was very monkey like but most of all it has a flat face for noob like me for easy to draw on. It has various joints on the head, arms and it's long curvy tail.

Here are some custom design on that DIY design

Head over to Le Lab to view more designs.


chrismandesign said…
hey LEon that was an amazing acquisition !!! u know i love designer toys & i knew some customize-urself versions of this toys, but i didn’t see one of this kind... even without personalization looks cute & adorable... super chilli !!! >X___@<
moemoekyun said…
did they sell blank figures for this so we can paint by ourselves ??
LEon said…
I know you will like it as a designer. why not get one to do your character? :P

Yes they do. The blank is for D.I.Y. Check out their website.
chrismandesign said…
uhmmmmm i’ll do, but first i’ll try with my mecha model kits... =PPPPPPPPPP kjakjakajkajkajkajkjakajkajkajkajkaja
kluxorious said…
this is so cool. If only i have even a drop of artistic talent >_>
MaftyNavue said…
OMG so we can make a Bloody Monkey!!!
LEon said…
You like monkeys?

ok. wait for your mecha model kits news. :)

you never try you never know. :)

Sure you can do anything you like. THey made a bloody and zombie monkeys. LOL
desmond said…
Lazy to think and design on this blank toy..Haha!!
h4mster said…
This is the kind of toy that pushed creativity to the max! it's too bad this kind of DIY toy is hard to find in indonesia..because I really want to try it
LEon said…
I know what that mean. LOL

You can buy this off their site. They can mail to you. This is also hard to find in SG too.

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