March 2010 Calendar goes Military

My sincere apology for being late for doing the March calendar.

This month calendar toy is the adorable Tamama from Keroro Gunso! He is attempting to camouflage himself but it's of no use since his cuteness stood out among the greens.

In case you guys are wondering, I took this photo sometime last year during an Army Open house. :P

Two popular screen resolutions in 1024x768 and 1280x800. If you want other resolution, do feedback by comments or via email and I will try to find time to do so.

Updated: Here's 1680x1050 as some of you had requested.

I am very touch by a comment from my previous entry from Dann who really encouraged me to do up these calendar and he even request for the Transformers toys to be in it. I see what I can do with the toys that I have. :)

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chrismandesign said…
he, he, he... i l♥ve Tamama, i l♥♥♥♥♥ve Keroro... this one is a PVC toy ??? which its size (on " or cm) ??? ... BTW, where u find that junkie girl in ur header ??? she’s disgustingly sarcastic =PPPPPPPP
chubbybots said…
Ah Kawaii!! Is this from the bandai kit Tamama?? Very nice setup and photography Leon :D
LEon said…
I didn't know you love Keroro as well. LOL Ya this Tamama is actually a gashapon aka capsule toys.

As for the Junkie gal, she will be review somewhere in March too. You will know more about her when time is near. :P

This is from a Gashapon series. I took many of him but only 1 or 2 photo can make it sad to say. :(
Dann said…
Tadaa!!! I got my desktop changed to Tamama from Keroro Gunso. I like how the color play around with each other, some it looks a little vintage on the side. Just love it. Good job there. ^^
LEon said…
Thank you! I will start the transformers soon enough. Hehehe Now with the baby I really need to plan whatever time I have left to do these. :)
h4mster said…
haha, tamama can't hide herself for sure :D
Hmm, do you have any other photos from the Army Open House? the name of the event seems very attractive for me :D
LEon said…
have some but it was over half a year ago. Nonetheless since you request it, I will try to do that post this week with a few photos of Tamama. Is it okay with you?
chrismandesign said…
yep, yep... i l♥♥♥♥♥ve Keroro... i’m trying the get the complete TV series... i hav 4 model kit from Keroro that will publish (myb) soon... Ker♥r♥ r♥cks !!!
MaftyNavue said…
woohh awesome Leon..
what is the background?
Jcee said…
Would you please do one in 1680x1050? These ones are a bit small for my desktop and I really want a Tamama one haha

This picture also reminds me that I have a lot of catching up to do for Keroro (both model kits and episodes). Just 2 more months left of school!
LEon said…
Okay will look forward your assembled Keroro model kit. :D

Thanks. The background was near a camouflage net at one of the exhibits. :)

Here's the 1680x1050 you requested. Enjoy your school holidays bro.

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