Gundam Unicorn Promotion in Singapore

Two more days to the Screening of Gundam Unicorn in Singapore. Here are what is installed for this weekend.

The Gundam Unicorn promotion has been on from 13 March to 1st of April. During this week promotion, if you clock up to $100 of purchased  at BHG Bugis, you will be entitle to have a Free ticket (limited ticket) to the Gundam Unicorn screening on 20 March 2010.

OTTi: I can't wait to see it!

Here are highlight of the toys that are currently on sales.

OTTi: Me want everything!!

If you like to have Gundam Unicorn anime to keep,  the pre-order of the Gundam Unicorn Episode 1 DVD is open and if you order now you will be given a free ticket to the Gundam Unicorn screening and a goodies bag! Remember to support Original ya?

What's more? 20% discounts!

So hurry down to BHG Bugis to take a look at the offers and the display there if you happen to be in Singapore. :)


moemoekyun said…
Whuut All kits so damn expensive that's why they put discount LOL business trick =)
chrismandesign said…
it doesn’t apply to meh... so... =PPPPPPPPP... but all of u: enjoy a lot, is an order LOL
LEon said…
Hm... how much these selling over at your end? cheaper than Singapore?

Well this can be a news for you to see if your friend can pick up for you over at your end? :P
Marzz said…
!!!! Must head down there soon! Check out the sales.... Are there any bargain items there? Like those that have prices slashed more than 20%?
CD said…
Hrm, pretty expensive, mostly standard mall prices. ^^;

They also spell "color" wrongly for the MG Unicorn HD COLOR + MS Cage. XD
LEon said…
I have not been there but I think most of model kit should be on discount. If you head down before me, share with us. :)

Ya as it is a retail outlet after all. Thanks for pointing the error too. :)
desmond said…
Gotta inform my friend as he is a huge GUNDAM fan :P
Thx for the heads up and I will see you this Saturday bro!
LEon said…
Who's your friend? Do we know him? :P

No prob. See you sat!

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